Battlefield 1 Review – WW1 2021

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Battlefield 1 Review – WW1 2021

Battlefield 1 is both an extremely interesting and controversial part of the series. It was here that a completely original setting was presented, as for a shooter. And there are as few new projects that told about the First World War as possible. Of course, now there are a little more of them, since Battlefield 1 has spawned many clones with varying degrees of realism. But in any case, the setting for Battlefield 1 was chosen very boldly.

In addition, the “penny” (as fans of the series often refer to it) has proven to be the most successful and best-selling part of the entire Battlefield franchise. And the competitor in the face of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was severely crushed at the time of the release of Battlefield 1. Of course, the players who were most fed up with the setting of the future played a big role in this.

However, despite the success of Battlefield 1, the gaming community was divided into two camps: some users found the game too casual and uninteresting, while others saw the project as a “breath of air”. Based on this, a completely logical question follows: is it even worth spending time and money on Battlefield 1 when it is already 2021 on the street?

Single player campaign

You can quote the words of one of the developers of DICE, but in fact there is no explanation, but only justifications for what they decided to do and how they came to such a decision. Therefore, in short, the single-player campaign in Battlefield 1 is six completely different stories. Namely, each story tells about specific people, each of which has its own skills and biography.Battlefield 1 single company.

Thus, a local campaign can be called personal stories of people who have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but have one powerful “background”. Of course, we are talking about the First World War.

Lost Atmosphere
The only negative of any story is the atmosphere. The stories themselves turned out to be cool, but the gameplay completely loses all the atmosphere. Stories lack good execution. They have a quality “background”, but the single player campaign is a real shooting range. Moreover, the problem flows smoothly from one chapter to another, so you should not hope that this “sore” will go on by itself. Battlefield 1 game atmosphere

As a result, it turns out that the campaign in Battlefield 1 is ambiguous. For a four-hour passage, it seems to have turned out to be quite good, but when you remember the campaign of Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, it becomes a little insulting. Because they really showed a cool level. However, if you like looking at the beauty of locations, then you will definitely like Battlefield 1 – there really is something to see and admire.


Customization and progress
In general, initially fans of the series had a lot of questions before the release of Battlefield 1. And they touched literally everything – they were even interested in customization. However, not in vain, since she never appeared in the game over time. Some may, of course, answer, they say, this is the setting here. However, let’s be honest: in the same Battlefield V, at least some pumping and customization was added. Just hiding behind the setting is stupid. On the other hand, in the form (thanks to the leaked files) in which they planned to add it, many would not like it either. Battlefield 1 game customization

And this is a really important point, because due to the absence, it feels like you have to play Battlefield 1 and just stand still. Because there is no progress at all. Of course, weapons were included in the deal, but what’s the use of one weapon without a huge system?


The Spirit of Multiplayer
But with the atmosphere in multiplayer mode, things are much better. It’s just a great atmosphere here. And it is expressed literally in everything: in every capture point, in every shelling of an aircraft, ship, and in any other technique or element.Battlefield 1 multiplayer

Moreover, it is also very influenced by how the cards look here, what the game allows the player to do, and much more. In general, all this causes a lot of positive emotions from the ongoing battles.

Shooting in Battlefield 1 is a pretty big problem. There are suspicions that Battlefield 1 is extremely similar to Star Wars: Battlefront, since it has exactly the same random shooting and much more. And, in general, we can say that random shooting is not what suits a shooter. Therefore, the only way to enjoy shooting in Battlefield 1 is to play with sniper rifles.

And although Battlefield 1 has some pretty serious downsides with problems, the game has one incredibly huge plus, because of which you want to regularly return to the game. The name of this reason is operations. The mode is an exciting mixture of Capture and Assault. However, the gameplay here is much deeper. And in total, if you take into account the additions, the game offers nine operations. In addition, in some places the operation mode resembles the “Storm”, but it has been modified as much as possible.Battlefield 1 team operations

In this mode, two teams of 32 people are fighting. And the defending side should not allow capture. Seemingly simple rules? But how huge the scale is here and how pleasant the atmosphere is.

In general, Battlefield 1 deserves attention. Since, in addition to all of the above, the game also boasts high-quality graphics. And given the scale of what is happening in the same operation mode and the high-quality “picture”, fighting on such maps is a pleasure. However, this installment also presented many fans with known issues from past installments, such as respawn issues. Nevertheless, the project deserves attention, it definitely has something to offer and something to please any fan of shooters.