Apex Legends review – “Should I start playing?”

Apex Legends review – “Should I start playing?”

Apex Legends is far from the last game in the Battle Royale genre, but it definitely deserves attention in 2021. Because it’s time to understand why, at one time, the Apex Legends game managed to take off so sharply and absolutely also fall sharply in terms of the amount of online. Moreover, it’s also interesting why no one really talks about Apex Legends now. Of course, the project is still afloat, but the project is quite far from the success of any Fortnite or Warzone.

Even if the trailers of the new seasons collect pretty solid views. Unfortunately, this project is not spoken about as loudly as the others. And all this despite the fact that now in Apex Legends there is a rather large online indicator. So what’s the deal?

High entry threshold for beginners
This is primarily due not to the fact that the game has poor optimization or something like that, no. The problem is related to the overloaded interface and the lack of adequate training that would explain the key mechanics. In Apex Legends, it is quite difficult to understand what is happening on the screen. Moreover, it is not clear where you need to collect loot, what kind of items are in the game, how the inventory works, and much more.Apex Legends game interface

In pursuit of producing a huge amount of content, as well as with a great desire to give Apex Legends an original look, the developers have made an extremely complex interface. And this is a big problem, because if you go into Warzone or PUBG, it is clear what needs to be done, where to move and how to interact with the interface.

There, such elements of the gameplay are understandable literally on an intuitive level. However, in Apex Legends you should not dream of such a thing – there is too high a threshold for entry for all those who are not familiar with the “Royal battles”. However, this does not mean at all that the game is bad because of this: it just takes more time to overcome the entry threshold than in other similar projects. Apex Legends game interface

Why did it happen in Apex Legends? This can be explained by the fact that the developers added just a bunch of things to the game. For example, in addition to a huge number of weapons, the game has in its arsenal a considerable number of body kits, perks and much more, which makes Apex Legends different from all other games in this genre.

Characters for every taste!
In fact, Apex Legends has a huge number of characters. However, it goes without saying that it will not work right away to play for each of the proposed characters.

As for the balance among all these characters, there are some problems, but they are not critical. Since some characters have rather meager skills, while others, on the contrary, are quite powerful. On the other hand, in general, it is quite comfortable to play, especially if you play as a well-coordinated team.Apex Legends game characters

However, you won’t be able to enjoy your skills to your heart’s content either, because basically you have to shoot. And from dozens of different guns. In addition, on which you can still “hook” and plenty of body kits.

Diverse gameplay
Thus, despite the small problems, the Apex Legends gameplay is as diverse as possible. Since the number of weapons, characters, skills, perks and attachments make absolutely every match in Apex Legends unique, unpredictable and dynamic. For example, in Fortnite, you always have to use the same set of weapons, which does not differ too much from one match to another. However, Apex Legends has something new to experience every time.

It’s time for the loot!
Apex Legends has quite a variety of loot. However, if you want to get something of high quality when landing, then you can jump to the place marked on the map with a blue circle. However, such places are “hot spots” here, so you have to actively fight with other players. Moreover, here, if desired, you can even craft some equipment using the found currency. And armor and health here follow quite familiar standards – there are first-aid kits and much more. Well, in addition, the loot in Apex Legends is divided into well-known colors: gray, green, blue, purple, yellow and red.Apex Legends loot in the game

In total, Apex Legends developers offer to fight on three maps. In this case, it will not work to determine the card itself. Because they change over time. The locations themselves are quite compact, beautiful and thoughtful. Therefore, any connoisseur of “Royal battles” will be pleased with the local design and elaboration. And if you add to this the high pace of the game and extremely fast, dynamic characters, then you get quite a good action.Apex Legends maps

And finally, it’s worth adding that there are no desert maps in Apex Legends. Therefore, if in some Fortnite bare fields and deserted locations annoyed, then this project will please with its streets, which are filled with buildings and well-designed large buildings.

Apex Legends is an example of a quality dynamic game. Surprisingly, the developers managed to take all the best from the genre and double it. And this also affects the descent of the characters at the beginning of the game, after which the battle and action immediately begin.

In general, one thing can be said – Apex Legends deserves attention. And, despite the fact that there is little talk about the game, the developers are still working on the game: adding new content, launching seasons and improving the gameplay. Of course, beginners will have to “tinker” a little to get comfortable, but gradually the gameplay here will definitely begin to please even those who do not understand anything about the genre at all. Since its diversity and lack of uniformity in any element makes one pleasantly surprised.