Standoff 2 review – “Mobile CS: GO”

Standoff 2 review – “Mobile CS: GO”

CS:GO has been the flagship game on Steam since its launch. With amazing graphics and gameplay. The project has become a favorite of almost all players. Unfortunately there is no mobile version of CS:GO yet. However, this is only official because Standoff 2 is closer to CS:GO than any other game Standoff 2 is a free game available for Android and iOS. The amazing graphics are totally free and everyone can enjoy the game.Besides, CS:GO game modes are also modeled here. This logically raises the question: Is this project really as good as the CS:GO we know? let’s find out

Stunning graphics
If you play on a tablet with a very high resolution, the gameplay is too good. However, keep in mind that the graphics will be updated soon to be even more realistic. Unless, of course, you believe what the developers said on their blog.

Big Furs
There is no shortage of cool skins in the game, skins like CS:GO are literally piling in droves. Here it is enough to get acquainted with the skins superficially to understand that we are dealing with a real clone.

Incredible multiplayer action
Also, you don’t even have to play with friends here because the game is too exciting here. In addition, the game has the most famous CS:GO modes, which even the most inexperienced beginner can easily recognize.

You were wrong if you thought you couldn’t make money from gaming. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can earn money for in-game loot boxes quite simply through gameplay – you just need to play actively, complete daily tasks and more.

Competition Mode
Like the competitive mode in CS:GO, the games are limited in time and have rules similar to eSports. If you want to feel the real essence of confrontation, you have to play the competitive mode. Remember that this mode only opens after level 5.

Ranking system with rewards and skins.
You can climb the leaderboard and become one of the best players. And every time you increase your rating, you can get many skins, as well as many other benefits, as well as equally valuable fame in the game.

Even if you want to play simple games in Standoff 2, you can easily do it here. There is a special section for creating custom lobbies and playing games with friends. What else do you need in a free mobile game?

For players who prefer to form clans and level up during the game, there is a clan system. Again, there are many clan advantages. More importantly, it’s thanks to clans that there are plenty of other players to play as a team.

Ping the server
Among the most obvious disadvantages it turned out that some servers have too high a ping. On the other hand, these are mostly Asian servers. And this is exactly where extremely nasty lags of all kinds occur during the game. Hopefully they haven’t lied now and addressed this issue.

Random cheaters at higher levels
The next problem with the game is cheaters. In every great game there will always be scammers who often screw up every game. Of course, the project has a blocking system for those trying to hack the game, but as you level up, you’ll occasionally see more cheats.

Small number of cards
Of course, this is not important for less demanding players, but this does not hide the fact that the project still lacks a lot of variety. And since this is a thoroughbred clone of the popular team-based shooter, I’d like to see at least most of the maps from my original.

Overall, the game Standoff 2 shows itself quite well as a mobile shooter and even as a clone. The project certainly has potential and high-quality gameplay that is addictive. However, there are a number of issues that we would like the developers to fix as soon as possible. It may seem that pings, cheats and missing maps are trifles. However, if you play a little longer, it turns out that these issues simply interrupt your gaming time.

As far as the donation system goes, Standoff 2 as a mobile game is pretty much faithful to each player’s “pocket”. There are no intrusive ads, a big “donate” button, and an intrusive system that asks you to spend money. You can also get loads of in-game stuff if you want, and the items themselves don’t affect gameplay in any way.