“General Wars” – Overview of Generals: Art of War

“General Wars” – Overview of Generals: Art of War

The game called “Generals: Art of War” is a completely classic multiplayer online strategy, where each user needs to build their own military empire, destroying other players along the way. In this regard, all the most necessary in-game mechanics are present here: a variety of units, robberies, occupation of other people’s possessions, resource mines, and so on.

At the moment, the game is undergoing open testing, and the developers themselves regularly update the project. And although Generals: Art of War has some outdated isometric graphics in places, the gameplay is interesting. And the best proof of this is the global map filled with users. And if you have not heard about this project before, then you have lost a lot, because there are a large number of interesting game mechanics and opportunities for users.

Game Process

In general, the gameplay of the game in some places resembles the gameplay of an old, but still fascinating project “Rules of War”. Upon first entering, players are greeted by a personal assistant who, within the first five minutes, will explain the basics of the interface and introduce key mechanics of Generals: Art of War, such as building buildings and hiring units. This approach from the developers pleases, as you can quickly get used to the game and immediately begin development, without wasting time studying additional manuals on the Internet.

The whole gameplay is built around the construction of a base, which must be developed on the global map. Players are given quite a lot of space for building tasks, and the variety of buildings available at the first meeting simply makes their eyes run wide. There are various factories here, there are barracks, power plants, windmills and much more. And in order for the development to be effective, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of resources – mainly electricity is needed, thanks to which the buildings are powered. Initially, resources can be obtained by completing various tasks, but they are completed quite quickly, and they are simple in themselves, so very soon they will not be enough, which means that you will have to deal with the development of mining structures.


The next step in Generals: Art of War will be the capture of mines on the global map – this is how battles with other players begin. In other words, this is PvP content, because other players also need resources, and no one will refuse to get a free, so to speak, “trough” with resources. In Generals: Art of War, there is a robbery mechanic, that is, if, for example, you urgently need to get resources somewhere, then you can attack your neighbors and take supplies by force. As a result, you will be able to get the required amount of food, but such a move can unleash a serious war between you.

Factions and Alliances

In addition to the players present on the map, you can also stumble upon various factions with playable NPCs – they exist for players to fight with them and get trophies. In addition, in Generals: Art of War there is a great opportunity to join some kind of alliance, where you can already take part in global conflicts, fighting for large “pieces” of territories. At the same time, the higher the rank in the alliance, the more the player will be able to get much nice bonuses to attributes.

General of Generals

The Generals features a main character like it’s a real multiplayer role playing game. A character or general has passive skills that provide pleasant bonuses for development, and slots for various equipment are also opened. Equipment, on the other hand, can be obtained already during the game, and it is divided into several degrees of rarity.


As for the units, they are all divided into three types: tanks with artillery, infantry and aviation. The first category of units received more attention because they play the most important role in the process of assault or defense. At the same time, in Generals: Art of War, we should not forget about the research center, because there are technologies that will help both improve production and units. Research time, as always, can be significantly reduced either by using a special currency or by the skills of your own general. Here you already choose which path to follow in order to achieve your goal.

Music and graphics

The sound and music in The Generals are quite high quality, but the music is depressing in places, although you quickly get used to such a tone. The graphics here are in 2D, but they are quite normal for a browser game – there is nothing special about them, but nothing terrible either. Therefore, in general, there is nothing to complain about, but, of course, you will not see anything surprising.


The game Generals: Art of War is quite a good strategy that can drag on for a long time. The gameplay here is simple and does not cause any difficulties, especially when a virtual assistant helps to understand the basics of the game. If you have been wanting to play some simple browser-based strategy for a long time, then you will definitely like Generals: Art of War – here you quickly get used to everything and understand what needs to be done. Therefore, even a beginner will be able to understand the gameplay and quickly begin development.