Mafia in Space – Among Us Review

Mafia in Space – Among Us Review

Two things can be said for sure about the developers at the studio called Innersloth: first, they’ve definitely revisited a huge amount of sci-fi movies; secondly, they play a board game called “Mafia” with great pleasure. Because there is no other way to explain the unprecedented popularity of a game like Among Us. And if you still do not know about such a project that breaks all records on Steam, on YouTube in terms of the number of streams, then you have lost a lot. However, in this review, we will reveal all the charms and features of this seemingly simple, but very interesting project with its own twist.

The plot is in the best traditions of space horror

In the story, a space interstellar ship returns home after it has made a dangerous galactic journey. Only now the journey does not end in success, because some members of the team are infected and not with some kind of disease, but with a hostile parasite that controls any creature thanks to the brain under control. The main goal of the parasites is to sow chaos, panic and kill all other crew members.

In fact, the game Among US is not an action movie, but a psychological thriller, made in the best traditions of the genre. In addition, the rest of the story is shaped by the players themselves, since this is a multiplayer project where the scenario is formed based on the actions of the players. It all depends on the users, so they build the whole story themselves. For example, the game may drag on for a long time, or it may end in a few minutes.

Gameplay and its main concept

The most fun part of Among Us is the gameplay. The main concept is based on the board card game “Mafia”. And it is for this reason that many mechanics will be familiar, even if they have changed a little. As in a card game, the gameplay depends entirely on what role the player has. In total, ten people take part in one party. Among this number, 1-3 players become saboteurs, parasites, mafia – whoever is more comfortable. Of course, this falls out completely randomly, so you won’t be able to choose a role for yourself. The system automatically assigns roles, and no one will say who you will be in the next game session.

It’s time for repairs!

The main task for all peaceful, well, or adequate people without parasites in their heads is the repair of the spacecraft, since it, in turn, is broken after an unexpected sabotage. Every peaceful cosmonaut has a map of the vessel, where all key breakdowns are canceled and, as you might guess, they must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

In general, the mechanics of troubleshooting on a ship is a whole mini-game. Because sometimes you need to shoot asteroids, sometimes you need to connect wires that match the colors, sometimes you need to enter special codes and much more. Well, or you need to perform some task like “download or upload special files”, “open the garbage gate” and much more.

Paranoid Simulator

Of course, all these tasks are far from the most exciting, but they were made the way they are, completely different. Since in the process of completing tasks it is necessary to monitor other players and their own actions. For what? Everything is as simple as possible – to find an alien parasite among the astronauts. To do this, it is not recommended to stay indoors with one player, you need to monitor the environment, and, of course, try to figure out the enemy among all this, after which you urgently assemble a team and get rid of the villains using outer space.

Alien parasites

The main task of any saboteur is to finally break the space ship so that the astronauts cannot escape. And for this they also have to be killed. Although it is far from easy to do so. First, after the murder, a certain amount of time must pass. Secondly, this is not a shooter at all, but a 2D game with the appropriate look. Thirdly, you need to try to kill as quietly as possible, and after that you need to try to quickly escape from the crime scene. Yes, in words everything is simple, but in reality you have to think through every step.

Everything is simple and no frills

From the game Among Us, you should not expect any high-quality graphics or an incredible soundtrack with a well-developed soundtrack. However, with this here, if we start from the simplicity of the project, it is in order. Musical accompaniment creates a pleasant atmosphere of an intriguing space thriller, cartoon graphics draws you into the gameplay. And this is what attracts Among Us – it is simple and affordable. There is no need to study the gameplay for a long time – you can immediately start having fun in the game.


The only small drawback of Among Us is that the game sometimes suffers from bugs in the network code, but the developers will fix this. Moreover, initially they wanted to release the second part, but due to the increased popularity of the project, a large-scale addition will be released for the game, since the second part was originally supposed to be this addition.

Other than that, Among Us is a great variant of Mafia that has fun gameplay and is easy to learn. Therefore, if you have long wanted to try to play something like this, then this project is the best option, especially in the company of the same enthusiastic friends, although you can find new ones if you wish. Just make sure they don’t have an alien parasite in their head. Be sure to try this wonderful project, and, believe me, there will be no limit to your emotions. Just how exactly – remains to be seen …