What is DPS, Sap DPS, support and healer in Genshin Impact?

What is DPS, Sap DPS, support and healer in Genshin Impact?

What does DD mean in Genshin Impact? What heroes are called DD,

what makes them different from other characters? Let’s also consider the concepts of support and main DD.

DPS is an abbreviation that is formed from the first letters of the phrase damage per second or damage dealt per second. In the game, a combination of letters DD denotes heroes who are created to damage – inflict significant damage to opponents. The developers of the project gave these characters the definition of DPS.

DD – damage dealer or damage-dealing hero. To call a character a damage dealer in Genshin, you need to study his skills, constellations. DD has the following characteristics:

high attack rates;

the presence of power-ups that increase their own skills, and not the skills of allies;

inflicting damage in sophisticated ways;

when skills don’t work so well if the hero is not on the field.

Main DD is the member of the team with the highest attack value. He destroys opponents faster than others, but requires support.

SAP DD or support damage dealer is a character who supports the main damage dealer in the team. This is a hero who also causes significant damage to opponents, is able to replace the main damage dealer. This is a status that changes depending on the situation.

To understand the dynamics of DD, you need to consider an example with a certain character. Eola is one of the damage dealers in the game. But her ability to deal significant damage is reduced by opponents with elemental shields. In this case, Eola can no longer be called a damage dealer.

Heroes like damage dealers need healers or healers. They provide support from a distance. Their specialization is the restoration of health, energy. Therefore, healers do not fight in close combat, they deal damage at a distance with standard, prepared attacks, elemental skills.

Top DPS in Genshin Impact

Version 3.0 of the game included the final piece of the elemental puzzle. This Dendro element provoked the appearance of a group of damage heroes. They also received skills that increase the power of attacks and damage dealt to opponents.

Top DPS Genshin Impact S+ (best)

These are the best main DD heroes. Allies are selected for them, they are the basis for creating an effective team. Auxiliaries or characters that support damage dealers are not as demanding on equipment, they are pumped not as intensively as main damage dealers.

Deals massive pyrotechnic damage. It is tied to health points. Increases with the help of weapons, artifacts. He is effectively supported by characters who deal water damage.

Gan Yu is a combination of support and damage dealer. This is the character’s most powerful skill. The Damage Boost combined with the Melt Reaction brings Charged Attack damage up to 150K. Gan Yu deals massive damage from a distance, at different points. Therefore, it is considered a stable damage dealer. Ayaka is one of the top three heroes in terms of damage dealt. The girl is armed with a sword, her element is Krio. An elemental explosion knocks out most enemies.

Raiden or Baal is armed with a spear, but when an elemental skill is activated, it is replaced by an electrified katana. Her attack is energy based. When pumping the skill of its restoration, the attack improves. Can be the main damage dealer, provide support. This concept makes the heroine universal, allows you to use to strengthen teams assembled from different characters.

Top DPS in Genshin Impact S (good)

These characters will strengthen any team. For the most effective use of such heroes, it is necessary to carefully select weapons, artifacts, and a combination of elements.

Eola is armed with a two-handed sword, causing cryogenic damage. She is considered the top damage hero in Genshin Impact in terms of physical damage. If you correctly assemble the build, then this girl is capable of delivering up to 6 million units of damage per second. Such an attack destroys most opponents. Some are saved by shields for a while, but the result of a collision with a competently pumped Eola is destruction. But even without significant improvements, it gives out 100 thousand units of damage.

Yae Miko deals electric damage, armed with a catalyst. During the explosion of the elements, she strikes opponents with lightning. But high damage is not the only advantage of the character. Accelerated energy recovery makes Yae Miko a good tool for quickly exploring the world.

Tartaglia with a signature bow and the North Star rerun, as well as the ability to change weapons, attracts the attention of gamers. The character is able to deal a lot of damage with a two-handed sword. And he does it quickly.

Top DPS in Genshin Impact A, B and C (good, bad and very bad)

Characters close to the top (A), simple (B) and requiring special attention to pumping (C) have strengths, weaknesses, and benefit the team. If they are not included in the Super +, it does not mean that they do not need to be pumped, to refuse them.

Fischl is a heroine who is close to the elite. She was created as a universal support character. But it turned out that the girl is a good damage dealer. They drew attention to her because of the ability to turn a hand-held raven into a rapid-fire weapon. The unexpected decision, combined with dealing high electrical damage with a normal attack, made Fischl a popular character.

Kuki Shinobu is a four-star heroine whose skills increase in proportion to her health. This allows you to focus on pumping it, without thinking too much about the rest. The advantages of the character also include the low price of an elemental explosion – 60 units of energy, a quick recharge of an elemental skill (only 15 seconds). The heroine restores health, damages outside the battlefield.

Cookie is close to the elite division, but the disadvantages did not allow her to enter the top. The main disadvantage of the character is the removal of health points for the frequent activation of an elemental skill. This reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, the damage does not reach the top indicators.

Barbara is a four-star simple character. Its benefits are revealed at high levels. Quite a controversial character. She effectively restores the health of allies, but her own regenerates weakly. While healing, damage dealt per second or DPS is reduced.

Rocker Xin Yan belongs to the category of simple characters. Deals pyrotechnic damage, wields a two-handed sword. When the elements explode, it deals high damage. Can be used to support heroes dealing Pyro damage. Plus Xin Yan – increasing the protection of allies while reducing this characteristic of opponents. The disadvantages include a weak skill shield, unimpressive Pyro damage, the need to use charged attacks to increase it.

Attractive Lisa is a free heroine that is often given at the beginning of the exploration of the free world. This is a librarian that requires proper build building. The downside is the complexity of control, a long recharge of the elemental skill, the difficulty of obtaining copies for pumping constellations.