Persona 3 Portable Game Review

Persona 3 Portable Year: 2010 Genre: JRPG Developer: Atlus Co. Publisher: Atlus Co. Released in 2006 on the Playstation 2, Persona 3 brought the series out of the exclusion zone and into the masses. In 2010, Atlus Co. releases on the Sony PSP console a modified version of the game called “Persona 3 Portable”. About her today’s conversation.

Welcome to Velvet RoomThe plot repeats the original game (with minor exceptions). For those who are not familiar with the original, I tell you: 10 years ago, a terrible disaster happened in the city of Port Island. Numerous monsters – Shadows – escaped to freedom. Also, the disaster led to the appearance of an extra hour after midnight. Most people during this hour are in coffins and sleep, those who are awake are hunted by the Shadows.

Only people (as well as other creatures) who have a special power – Persona, the ability to call on their mystical “alter-egos” can resist them.  The protagonist is transferred to a school in Port Island, where he meets his classmates, moves into a hostel, but rather quickly peaceful life comes to an end. The hostel is attacked by Shadows, and a special Person awakens in the main character, the strongest ever. The player needs to live a year in the world of Persona 3. Each day is divided into two parts: a daytime dating sim and a nighttime walk through the tower, including stabbing. Moreover, the first is often more interesting than the other. There are many characters available for communication and each has its own story and its own unique character.

Combat is often too monotonous. The tactic is always the same: find a weak spot, dump, stumble, repeat until victory. The same strategy applies to boss fights. True, the last boss in this regard compares favorably for the better. The battle with him is very interesting and exciting (largely thanks to the music), though at some point it will start to tire.

So, in terms of combat, the game loses, but the plot, dialogues and characters are just great. And how does it all look? For a portable console, the graphics are not bad, but no more. It is also sometimes annoying characters who almost do not express any emotions during their dialogues, although their portrayal is wonderful. 3D (which appears only during combat and in several other places) sometimes hurts the eye.

Special effects and models of Persons save the eyes. They are made really high quality. The sound, music and voice acting do not cause any complaints. The compositions are interesting and memorable, and the characters are largely endearing due to the voice acting. Feel the different. So what is the difference between Portable and the original Persona 3? Unfortunately, I can’t name every little thing (because I didn’t play the original), but I’m familiar with the plot of the original, so I can say about the main differences. The developers were already shouting about the most interesting thing at every corner: the introduction of choosing the gender of the character.

It will be interesting for veterans of the original to look at familiar events from the other, female side. However, the plot does not change from the change of sex. By the way, about the plot. Bottom line: Pros: – Interesting plot – Successful implementation of school life – Music and voice acting – Deep and well-developed characters – Igor (very charismatic, damn) Cons: – Average graphics – Raggedness and primitive combat (but at maximum difficulty you somehow forget about it) Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The entire Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series tells about the adventures of people who can summon incarnations of their subconscious essence – Persona. So in the third part, both on the Playstation 2 and on the PSP, we are talking about such unique ones. You take on the role of a teenager – an orphan who has just been transferred to a new school in an unfamiliar city. Already upon arrival, the main character becomes clear that something is wrong in the town. Coffins suddenly appear in the streets, and the lighting turns an ominous green. A little later.

the hospitable inhabitants of one of the local hostels explain to you that, it turns out, there are not 24 hours in a day, but a little more.
While you are looking for signs of substance use on your new friends’ faces, they tell you about the “Dark Hour” that is hidden between 12 at night and the start of a new day. It was at this mystical time that ordinary people turn into standing coffins, and “shadows” begin to rampage on the street – if a person remains conscious during the “Dark Hour”, then they can attack him, and he will already meet the next dawn with a “vegetable” without will to life.

A specially created group with a wild name – the Specialized Optional Executive Detachment (SEES) – is obliged to fight the “shadows”, in the hostel of which our hero (or heroine) ended up. The squad consists of young people capable of summoning Personas, and the main character is also capable in this regard, so he is quickly recruited into SEES. For the great good.

Even at the very beginning of the game, we are presented with the main difference between the portable version and the classic game with Sony Playstation 2. If you immediately started playing there as a boy, then this sexism is over in the remake – you can choose the gender of the main character. The creators of the game immediately honestly warn that the female character is introduced not only for female players, but also for those who want to look at the plot from the other side. Well, that’s promising.