KartRider: Drift Game Review

Karting is perhaps one of the most difficult genres. The controls have to be right, the drift has to be tight yet still give the player enough room to experiment, the karts have to be top notch and unique – that’s why I believe one of the best kart drivers in gaming hasn’t done it yet. be really excellent (Crash Team Racing on PlayStation One, if you’re interested!)1 You can find a thousand and two fun RPGs, first-person shooters, puzzles, etc. but good luck trying to find a lot of strong modern kart racers.

It’s not that I don’t like what’s available on the market today. Mario Kart is loved by millions of people around the world, but I have not been a fan of the latest versions (Mario Kart Wii, DS, 7 and 8). There’s also a “remaster” of Crash Team Racing, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Refueling.

which came out just over a year ago and includes a messy but fun collection of all the drivers, karts and tracks from the first two Crash-based racing games. It has also been updated with a ton of new content over the years (all for free, mind you!) making it a great kart racer that I wholeheartedly recommend to friends and family at every opportunity.

But despite that, this re-release didn’t sit well with me and I was craving a new kart again, and thankfully back in X019 my calls were answered: KartRider: Drift drifted into the spotlight (sorry).

The first thing you will notice when you start the game is that it is very colorful and bright. For its 8 gigabyte install size, the game looks great. The character animation is top notch and fits the aesthetic of the worlds you’re in. It’s a game full of charm and I can’t express how enjoyable it is to play on 4k QLED, especially since the game runs at a constant 60fps. Secondly, it’s a pleasure to play.

Speaking of character animations, for now, players can choose from four characters available in the beta:

Dao is a weakling in a blue suit, more boxy than SpongeBob.
Brody is a factory worker who could pass for Vivi in the right clothes.
Diz is a sweetheart dressed in yellow who likes Tao. Many.
Brazzy is a sassy, red-haired tellitubbie.Of course, with new characters on the way. The customization is pretty decent too, giving you the choice between a lot of different card types, each with their own talent and stats, as well as emojis, character skins, tires, and a flair for emissions (to let the world know that global warming is coming into vogue).

But as much as I love beautiful graphics, I’ll be honest, gameplay is king. And I think KartRider: Drift kicks a bunch of asses – it’s a really fun game!

The game features two modes, each with solo, duo, and squad types: an item mode where players race by collecting items from crates to boost themselves or slow down other racers, while the speed mode focuses on fast racing and lots of drifting . If you play in teams, the performance of your teammates matters and you can help your team by collecting items that apply to everyone when used, so try to help by giving as many speed bonuses as possible!

In each race, you fight with eight players, regardless of which mode you play in. You should always aim for first place in every race! Of course this is a go kart game so you need to learn the cards, tricks and master the drift system to earn your wins. For example, one thing I love about this game is the recovery system. When hit by a “rocket” item, synchronizing your gas pedal pressing with the landing of your kart is crucial, as the correct timing will bring you back to near the maximum speed of your kart.

It’s an easy game to learn but hard to master, especially when you’re paired up with people with god-like skills. Luckily, there are offline modes where you can learn the game through a series of tutorials or go all out to beat the time limit for the tracks in time trial mode.

Keep in mind of course that this is a go-kart game, be prepared for a load of garbage. By trash, I mean that you were immediately hit with dozens of bonuses that knocked you from first place to last. And sometimes stay there! No one ever holds first place if they don’t know what they’re doing or if they’re unlucky. But learn the game and your winnings will be so amazing.

KartRider: Drift is coming to PlayStation 4 for the first time next year, and you can sign up for the game’s upcoming beta! KartRider: Drift is the next generation game in the KartRider franchise that continues the tradition of Crazyracing KartRider’s fun kart racing game.

The new game will feature next-generation Unreal Engine 4 graphics, enhanced gameplay, cross-platform play, and cross-platform progress sharing. And most importantly, it will awaken in you a sense of nostalgia for the old days. In the upcoming beta test, you will be able to play online in the future and compete in real time against other racers from around the world on PlayStation 4.

In Item Mode, you need to collect items and benefit from them by driving around the track. Each player can have two items – to attack, defend or support allies in a team race. So far, there are more than 15 items available in the game, and each of them will give you tactical variety and a lot of fun. Don’t get distracted until you’ve crossed the finish line in Item Mode, because any competitor can tip the balance of the race in their favor with a single move.

But the Speed Mode is suitable for players who like high-speed racing. In Speed Mode, you need to develop your drifting skills and use boosters. The acceleration bar fills up for a successful drift, and once it’s full, you’ll get a boost. Activate the ability and shoot past the rest of the cards. But be careful! A single mistake in the last second of a race can cause you to lose the victory to the delight of an opponent who is ahead of you.