The best story-driven shooters on Android

Storytelling in games is one of the reasons they are equated with art. Like books, films or our real life, they are able to show such stories, after which you forget the words, and the topics revealed do not give you rest. And if earlier mobile gaming offered to think only about the fate of the snake, today it, along with its older brother PC, has games with a brilliant storyline.

In the current article, we will talk about such projects, and more specifically about shooters where you need to not only read, but also shoot. Shoot a lot.


The story of a famous policeman, dishonestly accused of murder – now he is hiding from bandits and his colleagues. Gathering all the rage into a fist, he intends to restore his good name and find the killers of his family.

This action-packed action movie offers to try out Bullet Time technology – time slows down in a jump, and therefore every scene here is cinematic. The first part was re-released on Android with HD textures, while the second and third will have to be content on PC for now.


Another game with the ability to slow down time, but this time in the first person and specially designed for mobile phones. The shootouts here are as spectacular as in Max Payne, but in addition they are diluted with epic scenes, such as flying on a jetpack, chasing snowmobiles, entering a building a la special forces and others.

The plot is dedicated to the American soldier Mack, who is going to destroy a terrorist organization alone. He will do this for 30 desperate missions.


LONEWOLF tells the story of a neo-noir sniper, backed up by hand-drawn cutscenes. The scriptwriters also tried their best – a mysterious hero is presented who ended up in a well-known criminal organization.

The story campaign unfolded for 5-6 hours and offers to master 30 sniper missions, during which you will try out various weapons, prove yourself in mini-games and eliminate targets with filigree accuracy.


Soldier Cal Worden has saved the interplanetary Earth Colonies from alien invasion more than once – and will do it again. But now he is worried about questions about the causes of interplanetary wars, and it would be better if he did not know the answers to them.

An epic space opera of 19 levels awaits you, during which you will shoot at space stations, distant planets and other places. The shooter mechanics and graphics are pleasing – in this regard, N.O.V.A. Legacy is comparable to PC competitors.


An epic third-person shooter where something happens in every mission: either train chases, or a battle with a huge robot, or contain crowds of zombies in the subway, or something else. Such dynamics is compensated by the fact that there is no free movement – at its core, this is a good old shooting gallery.

This Android game is dedicated to the anti-terrorism department – veterans of their business will unite to repel criminals in various parts of the world.


A shooter from the developers of LONEWOLF, which also tries to hook the gamer with strong features. In addition to the story campaign, stretching for more than 12 hours, the game will please the original visual style – we seem to be fighting on pages with excellent drawings. In terms of gameplay, this is an arcade shooting range, but the shooting experience is excellent.

As for the story, then on behalf of the legislator you will fight with a criminal organization. The plot is presented in the form of chat correspondence, and more than once it will surprise you with its twists and turns.


The most popular shooter for mobile platforms, which has collected everything that is possible – a single player campaign, an abundance of online modes, and even RPG elements. As for the plot, it will take you from Tokyo to Venice in SWAT mode and face various criminals, including those safely boarded up in exoskeletons. The campaign is accompanied by a theater of epic action, like in Call of Duty.


If you take Modern Combat 5 and add cutting-edge graphics to it, and then send a soldier into space, you get SHADOWGUN LEGENDS. Today it is the undisputed leader among mobile shooters, and its history will introduce you to the Shadowgun organization, whose members stand guard over humanity against extraterrestrial organizations. A cool single-player campaign will take you through 200 missions on four planets.


Cute polygonal graphics try to smooth out the horrors of World War II, but it fails – all because of the writers who worked out the missions based on this war. So, on behalf of the allied forces, you have to survive the landing in Normandy, visit the body of a Soviet soldier in the battle for Stalingrad and take part in other significant events. The stories turned out to be tragic, epic and funny, and unusual soldiers are presented as bosses.


A fantastic shooting shooting game for Android in which you will face an army of cyborgs on behalf of a professional sniper. The single-player campaign is simple, but at the same time meaningful – you will find over 250 missions in various parts of the world, which are filled with action and tactics. The game will please with a high-tech arsenal, good graphics and interactive environment.