5 Cool Games

Not so long ago, Apple created a special gaming subscription for its users called Arcade. At first it seemed that the game was not worth the candle: there were not so many games in the subscription.

Should I subscribe to Apple Arcade now? Rather yes than no. If you don’t believe that you will really get into gaming, then I bet you: I activated the trial subscription in Arcade and found some cool apps that are unrealistically addictive. I’ll tell you more.

The best game for iPhone

It seems that Angry Birds has always been with us. This is a real classic, without which it was difficult to imagine the first iPad models: tablets were not as versatile as they are now and were only suitable for such games. The developers of the game did not invent a wheel and simply improved the physics, graphics, added new characters and improved the gameplay of the original Angry Birds.

Then it’s up to you – surely your fingers remember how to shoot green pigs with birds? Users in the reviews complain about the too difficult passage of levels and even become disappointed in the game due to the fact that further levels are completely unrealistic to pass. It seems that mobile gaming has become too easy in 2022.

NBA 2K22 iPhone

I still have NBA 2K14 in my App Store purchases, which I bought a very long time ago, paying hard-earned money. Unfortunately, at that time the game did not live up to my expectations: the gameplay was difficult, the graphics were lame even by the standards of those years. Do I regret spending money? Undoubtedly. In 2022, it’s safe to say that NBA 2K22 is the best sports game ported to iOS.

Especially when you don’t have to pay big money for it – it is in Apple Arcade. You can create your own player, play quick matches, compete with a friend online or turn on streetball mode. Users have appreciated the game – it has a fairly high rating of 4.7 out of 5.

hot lava download iOS

I rarely install new games, but Apple Arcade has had to change my habits: there have been more new games on iPhone in the last couple of weeks than in the previous three years. One of them is Hot Lava. Simply put, the floor is lava. Just like in childhood! You need to control your character by jumping from one platform to another in a challenging environment. Don’t forget to dodge toxic waste and deep pits to avoid getting hurt!

And you also have to pump your hand motor skills and dexterity in order to go as far as possible. Fortunately, with Hot Lava you will do it very quickly. In the reviews for the game, many complain about poor control, but it seems that not everyone figured out how to do it right. Some even connected a gamepad from the PlayStation – they say that it’s even better.

Skate City for iOS

Most of the games in today’s article involve sleight of hand, Skate City is no exception. In it, you can (and should) hone the tricks of skateboarding. The game has several beautiful cities at once, as a result of which the gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of GTA Vice City. As you progress, you can unlock other locations. There is definitely no hurry: it is best to train in freeride mode and pump your skills to great music that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Trained? Dress up your character in the store: you will find boards, wheels, and even T-shirts for your character. By the way, the best moments can be saved and shared, including the video recording function. In the reviews, users are delighted with the graphics, soundtracks, gameplay – everything is fine in Skate City. For this, the game deserves a 4.8 out of 5 from Arcade subscribers.

What The Golf Apple Arcade

Remember how many different golf simulators used to be on mobile phones? And all of them were unrealistically difficult: all these golf terms, unsuccessful attempts to hit the ball into the hole, and also hitting the water … It was something daunting. Let’s admit it: none of us became Tiger Woods. But now there is a great analogue – the game What The Golf, created just for those who hate this sport from the creators who do not understand anything about it.

Some crazy stuff happens in it: you can knock down cats, launch a horse, knock down skittles (what?!) with a bowling ball and even turn the house over.  Users appreciated the idea of ​​the developers, for which the application received 4.7 out of 5 stars.

As a reminder, you need an Apple Arcade or Apple One subscription to install games. For all new users, a promo period is provided for 1 month, after which the subscription will cost 199 rubles per month. And you can also get 5 months of subscription for free: read about it in our article.