Art of War Legions Game Review

Art of War: Legions is a mobile strategy game with cartoony graphics where you can control your own army. Another project from 10P STUDIO continues a series of games with low-poly graphics and a fairly powerful tactical component.

There is no place for boredom and monotony, since all the events that take place each time will develop according to a completely new scenario, and, most interestingly, they will always have an unexpected ending. You are waiting for simple battles with the editor of the deployment of troops and rather complex tasks that require thoughtful preliminary understanding of the situation and carefully thought out, consistent actions.

In the game Art of War: Legions for Android, you can fight with both virtual and real opponents. Anyone who wants to try his hand as a commander in chief will be able to do this by installing this application. At first, only a small army will be at the disposal of the gamer, however, gradually, it will grow into a whole legion.

For your army, you can choose warriors of several classes – there are knights, archers, mages, healers and other units. Before the battle, they must be placed on the playing field, uniting warriors of the same class into a more powerful squad. Also, during the battle, you can use the help of additional warriors by clicking on the screen of your mobile device. If you defeat the enemy army, you will receive a very useful prize – a chest of coins, and move forward one level.

By choosing this mode, you can gain experience, earn in-game money and acquire new warriors.
Multiplayer game – gives you the opportunity to take part in battles against other players and test your warriors for endurance.

In addition to the main game modes in the game Art of War: Legions, there are missions, the passage of which makes it possible to earn additional coins, raise the current level of your warriors and gain access to hidden characters.

Defeat opponents, increase your game capital, upgrade your warriors and develop your own combat tactics and be sure to become one of the leaders in the gaming rating.

Do you want to learn the secrets of the art of war? Then call the legions to battle in the new arcade game Art of War Legions for Android. Here, in the heart of the battlefield, you can discover a lot of new strategies, discoveries and tactical insights. Surely connoisseurs of strategic simulators will want to download Art of War Legions on their smartphone or tablet. But to what extent did this project justify itself?

Description of the game and gameplay

The first thing that catches your eye is a kind of polygonal graphics. This is a conscious move by the developers, since now you won’t surprise anyone with a beautiful picture, but perhaps with an original one. The atmosphere of the fighting is quite funny, but addictive. You complete quests, upgrade your army for coins for completed tasks, and grow as a commander.

At the start, the gamer has only a few units at his disposal, it is important to dispose of them wisely. The weapons are different, you can improve the army, give new bows to shooters, infantry – improve armor and spears with swords. But the main field of activity of the commander is, of course, the battle strategy. It will require ingenuity with foresight, an intuitive approach in half with calculation.

Few people want to spend money on donations, so Art of War Legions hack will come in handy for many. Of the resources here are coins and gems, which are received for completing combat missions. Special missions give special artifacts. The main thing is to make your combat forces as powerful as possible.

this approach will immediately improve your chances of winning. For example, archers should be hidden behind infantrymen, and let cavalry knights attack the enemy as close as possible and crush them in numbers. For pumping, many are looking for Art of War Legions mod a lot of money, it solves a lot of problems at once.

Available mods and cheats

There is no problem to download the hacked Art of War Legions. At the link below you can find unlimited resources for weapons and conquests, money to buy battle towers or new armor of increased durability, horses, hire additional forces. Convenient Art of War Legions mod infinite money will save a lot of money for gamers who do not want to spend money on donations, and time – for a long passage of levels.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

The art of war of the Legions has earned a strange reputation – the game is criticized a lot for simple tasks and short rounds, donations and glitches with updates. At the same time, no one particularly refuses to download the hacked Art of War Legions. Still, there are pluses in the game.

for which fans appreciate it. This is an atmosphere of fun and humor, cool graphics on the ranges, a large selection of weapons and units. Tasks completely develop thinking and form the strategic qualities of a gamer. So why not play this project for a couple of evenings, even if it is far from being a masterpiece?