Manor café – Game Review

I’m the first on Ire to play this game! We urgently need to tell everyone about this application!

On a cold, boring Saturday evening, I was looking for a new toy on my phone to stick into it under the TV series. Looking through the options from the “three in a row” section, I stumbled upon this stranger.  He pulled me, by the way, for 5 days.

Where to get?

Go to the play market, find and download. While the game is loading, you can read reviews about it and what it is about, see pictures or a whole video about it.

After the game was installed, I began to download it. The first on the screen, of course, is the name of the manufacturer, then the picture changes to the name of the game and the loading bar. What pleasantly surprised me was the relatively fast loading, and even with various tips at the bottom of the screen, so as not to get bored while My New Café opens.

As soon as I appeared in the game, the nice manager of my wrecked Megan meets me and offers to enter the name of the player. She is my main assistant, my hands, eyes and moderator of ideas on how to make candy out of my wreck.

I’ve called my restaurant a wreck twice already. Yes, because that’s what she is. Just look. It is ruined both inside and out. Yes, it’s an investment.

And by passing the levels, stars are earned, for which you can restore this nightmare.

Main screen

On the screen, in addition to the restaurant, there are also various tabs that you can enter. Now let’s talk about them.

1. Life – it is very clear here. There are 5 in total when they are full. For each level lost -1 life. Restores one in 30 minutes. You can buy 5 lives for 900 game coins. Sometimes you can get an infinite number of lives as a reward for various times – 30 minutes, 1 or 3 hours.

2. Coins – play money for which you can buy lives or bonuses to complete levels. The coins themselves can be obtained for completing all the same levels as a reward. Once a day, a character appears from whom you can earn a tip.

3. Stars – are obtained for completing levels and the restaurant is restored for them.

4. Settings – in the settings you can turn on / off music and game sounds, connect fakebook, change the name, rate and more.

5. Competitions – to make it even more interesting to play, there are several types of peculiar competitions with real players. I will talk about one kind. This is Deliver-racing. For each completed level, +1 delivery is added. Competitions last 2 days. After that, awards are given for the occupied place. For example, I got the first one.

6. The tablet is the “head” of the game. Everything is here. The tablet has 4 bookmarks.

The first is “Deeds” – tasks that must be completed in order to restore the café.

The second is “Notes” – here tracking the game history. Characters that I meet and collaborate with (and dossiers on each), the dishes that are prepared in my restaurant (the number of which increases as we progress through the story in the game), and the news from the newspapers about my unfortunate café.

The third is “Friends” – these are real people pulled from Facebook who play this game.

7. Entrance to the levels – a noticeable arrow in the lower right corner. Moreover, the color changes – depending on the level of complexity of the level.

Once we have studied the interface and game controls, we can begin to pass the levels. Here you will have to be patient, because up to level 25 you will be taught all the intricacies of the game (all also Megan’s assistant) – how to walk, what bonuses, how to get them and what they give, what difficulties can be and in general what tasks can expect inside.

Before each level, a hint is shown – to remind you about blasters and which ones you can get.

For passing the level, in addition to the star, they also give money. And for passing the super-difficult one, they will also present an additional gift, in which you can find various bonuses, which is nice. Because often they go to the passage of just such levels – the cycle of the game is whole.

Now I’ll tell you how to make a fashionable and visited café out of a wreck.

As mentioned earlier – go through the levels, earn stars and … The most favorite thing for girls is to spend.

All changes to upgrades come from Megan, they are highlighted in green in the text and then appear on the tablet in the “Cases” tab. The design is chosen by the player, not Megan (even though here you make the decision yourself).

This quest is worth 1 star. Performing it, we are also offered to choose one of three design options!

Completing tasks fills the cap of the day. There are rewards for completing the day (when reaching 100%) and restoring the room! For daily visits every 12 hours, awards are also given – from all sides they are amenities.