Tom and Jerry Game Review

On February 25, the distribution of the hybrid film Tom and Jerry began in Russia, where cartoon characters share screen time with live actors. The European premiere took place earlier, and received very mixed reviews. I have seen the film and am ready to discuss whether it is worth spending time on the adventures of the cat and the mouse myself and showing it to children. In short, it’s worth it, but it’s better to lower your expectations.

In the rays of past glory

The peak of Tom and Jerry’s popularity is long behind us. Of course, short cartoons about famous characters are released regularly, but the modern viewer has other heroes. However, no matter how much we stare at other cartoons, we remember Tom and Jerry right away. The cat and the mouse are an incredibly recognizable duet. It’s like Mario or Sonic: you don’t have to love games to know these guys. It is not surprising that a feature-length movie about famous characters was expected.

Particular attention was drawn to the hybrid genre chosen by the authors. It would seem that works where both cartoons and live actors are present on the screen at once are a long-forgotten craft. Major hits like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam” have been out too long, and 3D has ruled the ball for years. However, the producers decided on a risky gamble and invited Chloe Grace Moretz and Michael Peña to join Tom and Jerry. Famous actors, grandiose plans, a budget of $ 50 million … Was the final result worth it? Complex issue.

Copy paste

In the story, the unlucky girl Kayla can’t find a place in life, while her peers brag about their successes on Instagram. One day, a chance brings her to an elite hotel, where the heroine learns about a very interesting vacancy: a couple of famous lovers will soon visit the majestic place, and the banquet hall will become their wedding venue – and the owners of the establishment need a specialist who will make sure that everything goes like clockwork.

The sleazy Kayla tricks the top job applicant, steals his resume, and makes herself out to be the best choice. The consent of the employer will not keep you waiting. Unfortunately, the cute mouse Jerry settles with her in the hotel, and catching him is the main task of the heroine, with whom, of course, Tom will help.