Brawl Stars Game Review

Game process

The goal of the player is to advance along the gaming trophy road, participate in battles with other players, and discover and improve new playable characters with unique abilities and characteristics.

The gameplay of the game is focused on defeating a team of other players, or an AI-led opponent, alone, in a team of two, or in a co-op of three or five people, in a variety of game modes. Players can choose characters, each with their own skills and superpowers. Also, each of the characters has their own star powers and gadgets, which can be obtained by opening a box in the game or purchased at the store.

In May 2020, a new reward system called the Brawl Pass was added in one of the game’s updates. As players participate in battles, they earn tokens, the in-game currency used to unlock tiers of rewards.  There are two types of Brawl Pass: free and premium, purchased with gems[3].

Game modes

Gem Grab is a 3v3 player mode where you need to collect crystals that appear every 7 seconds from the mine. When a player kills an enemy, all crystals of the enemy fall to the ground and can be picked up by any other player. The indicators of both teams display the amount of crystals that all their members currently have.

The task of each team is to collect 10 or more crystals, and then keep them until the end of the game. When one team collects 10 crystals, the countdown to the end of the game will begin. This countdown can be interrupted by taking the required part of the crystals from the enemy team by killing its members, or by collecting the same number of crystals as the enemy team. After the allotted 15 seconds, the victory is awarded to the team with the most crystals[4][5][6].

Showdown is a Battle Royale mode with no time limit. There are 2 types of mode – singles and doubles. In a single encounter, the last survivor among 10 players wins, and in doubles, the last surviving team of 2 players among 5 teams (also 2 players each) wins. Scattered across the map are boxes of power-up dice that increase the player’s health and damage, and over time, the map will shrink towards the center with poisonous clouds that deal increased damage to players every second[4][5][6].

Brawl ball is a 3v3 player mode where the main task is to score 2 goals against opponents by controlling a special ball for this. If no second goal is scored, the team with the highest score wins. If the score is tied, then the players are given 1 minute to score a goal, however, the obstacles on the map will be destroyed. If neither team is able to score a goal in extra time, then the players are awarded a draw.

There are also two pairs of alternating modes:

Heist is a 3v3 player mode where the main task is to destroy the enemy’s safe while protecting your own. If over time one of the safes is not destroyed, then the team with the health of the safe above the enemy wins. If, after the lapse of time, both safes were dealt the same percentage of damage, then the players are assigned a draw[6].

Hot Zone is a 3v3 player mode, where the main task is to stand on the point for as long as possible, thereby capturing it. The team that scores 100% wins by capturing all or one point.

Bounty is a 3v3 mode where the main task is to earn as many stars as possible than the opponents. Stars are earned by killing an enemy. At the beginning of the game, there is an extra star in the center of the map. When one of the players kills another, a star is added to the player’s score. The number of stars earned determines the reward for killing a player, after which the number of stars is reset to zero[6].

Siege (Eng. Siege, removed from the game on August 31, 2022) is a 3v3 mode where the main task is to destroy the enemy base. The difference between this mode and “Robbery” is manifested in the ability of the base to independently defend itself from opponents who are in its zone of action.

From the beginning of the game, bolts appear in the center of the map. The team that collects the most bolts in the allotted time will be able to summon a robot to help them, which goes to the enemy base, fighting opponents along the way. The more bolts the team collects, the stronger the robot.

Knockout is a 3v3 mode where the main task is to win two rounds, each of which lasts a maximum of 1 minute. The team that has no players left or fewer players left than the opposite team loses, but if after the time the players are the same in both teams, the team that caused more damage wins the round.
Duels (Eng. Duels) – in this


Supercell wanted to develop a mobile team game similar to League of Legends and Over watch. According to Frank Cuyenburg, the game’s community manager, the developers “focused on keeping the game as polished as possible while stripping away all the unnecessary things.”[7]

The first prototype of the game called Project Laser was created in 2016[8]. In it, the player controlled the character by tapping the screen, and when an enemy entered the visibility zone, the character attacked him automatically. Testers complained about slow gameplay and weak action control, so the first iteration called Laser 2 was developed in the same year, where the character already attacked with a swipe, and the game was switched to vertical mode. According to Antti Sumbala, Supercell’s representative at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March 2019, this was done for a more natural hold on the mobile device[8].

In March 2017, the second iteration called Slugfest was released, the game moved into the UAT testing stage[8]. Antti said that “testers and my colleagues reported that they felt so overwhelmed by the process of combat [in the game],