Into the dead 2 game review

Into the dead 2 development

Into the dead 2 for iPhone was developed by a team of specialists from New Zealand.  Note that the game downloads and runs on all Apple iPhones, including the iPhone Xu bu.

You can download into the dead 2 absolutely free. But, in this version, there is an advertisement of an internal type.

It was at this time that the trailer was released, which showed the elements of the gameplay, and told the world what exactly the plot would be.

For owners of Android devices and gadgets from Apple, the project was launched in October 2017. And in 2019, an announcement appeared for the Nintendo Switch. A more updated version was liked by many users and was positively evaluated.

Users do not pay to download the game, but can make in-game purchases.

Overview of gameplay in the game Zombies in the Fog 2

The whole process is quite similar to the previous version in terms of subject matter. In addition, Zombies in the Fog 2 is based on the same engine, but it has better graphics and other changes. Unlike the first part, here the player will be able to watch not the silhouettes of the dead, but precisely traced zombies. In addition, all their movements are realistic and different from the first version.

It is worth noting the physics, it is ideal here. When re-passing, all movements are generated and create a more accurate transmission of what is happening.

Zombies will be present in a variety of locations. All events take place in the USA. The player will constantly move and he will have to run through corn fields, plains, roads, where you can see a lot of abandoned cars, as well as through forests.

The main character in the second part will be James. He runs to help his family. But, due to obstacles, his car overturns. Because of this, the entire journey must be done on foot. But, the presence of a large number of zombies create obstacles. That is why time literally goes by seconds and you cannot lose it.

On the way, the player will collect a large amount of supplies, and kill zombies.  And all control is on the smartphone.

It is also possible to create new weapons. Access to this feature opens in the main menu. And if the player will increase stocks, collecting them during the passage of levels, he will be able to improve existing weapons.

But, many users recommend spending their own money only on buying lives. And given that with each new level the situation will only get worse, this may be necessary.

 For example, you can buy not only new weapons or lives, but also dog food.

The hero receives weapons at the beginning of the level. In addition, you can take additional equipment with you. With each level, the zombies will only become larger, and at the same time, only one target can be killed with one shot. But the shotgun is capable of killing three zombies at once with one shot.

It is worth considering that with constant shooting, ammunition can quickly run out. Therefore, it is better to use another tactic – avoiding direct combat.

If the cartridges are over, you can get out of a difficult situation using a knife. From the fourth level, dogs will help the main character. They are according to the plot of the game itself, but they can also be purchased in the store. The dog will be able to help in the fight against the dead, but there is one caveat. A pet is released into the game only if the hero feeds it. And the food in the store is sold for real money.

What modes are there in Into the grandfather 2

Main mode. It is connected to the main story. This mode is a standard game that is completely tied to the main actions. The player completes levels and receives rewards and other trophies for this. It is impossible to miss this mode, since it is with its help that you can open the main game content. The first part focuses on the story, but after the eighth level the player gets the opportunity to open and see the other two modes.

Survival. In this mode, there are no cardinal modes from the previous main mode. Also in this mode there is a list of where the best are, and if you manage to pass the level and take first place in time, then you can count on a good reward.
Completing certain daily tasks.

Unlike previous modes, this one does not require stamina or anything else. Every day the player will have to perform a certain task, for example, kill 30 dead people or something else of this kind. All this will be paid for with coins, their number and type directly depends on the results of the building. So you can get gold, silver and bronze. If you complete these tasks for at least bronze for 7 days, you can get 200 coins.