Bullet Echo Game Review

Bullet Echo is a top-down variation of the battle royal. 15 people take part in the matches. You can fight solo or team up in teams of 3-5 players. How does Bullet Echo stand out from other projects and does it have a future? As of yet, Blues tacks does not have a ready-made control scheme for this game, but you can customize everything yourself using the Blues tacks functionality.

It’s very simple:

1. Launch the game and open the Game Control Editor by clicking the keyboard icon on the side toolbar of Blues tacks.

2. Set the D-pad to the virtual stick that is responsible for moving the character and control it using the WASD keys.

3. Create a tap area above the weapon reload icon and assign a key that is convenient for you. In our case, this is R.

4. Now create another tap area in place of the quick heal icon and assign a key to it in the same way. We tried many options and settled on the right mouse button (RMB).

If you do not like this option, then you can create a circular view area and place it in the center of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Switch the blue slider from “Keyboard” to “Mouse” and assign the appropriate button for browsing. Now you can simply hold down the key and freely rotate the mouse to rotate the hero.

As you can see, there is no problem to set up controls in Bullet Echo on Blues tacks from scratch. Move on!

Game process

In Bullet Echo, the gameplay is based on exploration of locations and skirmishes with rivals. It sounds ordinary, but it is implemented as interesting as possible, since the whole map is immersed in darkness, and only the light of your hero’s lantern can reveal the presence of enemies or the presence of loot in the area under study.

Before the start of the battle, when teams have already been formed and the game location has been determined, you are offered to choose a spawn location*. The choice is made by voting of all members of your group.

*Spawn (from the English. spawn – rebirth) – the place where characters appear on the map. It can be a specific point or a wide area.

Take the spawn selection process seriously, as your victory in the match depends on it. Some areas are rich in loot (armor, first-aid kits, cartridges, body kits for weapons), others are rich in rivals. It often happens that immediately after entering the match you find yourself under heavy fire from opponents.  However, the game even benefits from such a heat of passion, since you cannot relax even for a second.

Most likely you will often see such a picture. The game turned out to be quite hardcore and you need to try very hard to win

Another advantage of Bullet Echo is the duration of the matches. One battle lasts no more than 3 minutes, since the locations are small and the zone shrinks very quickly.


The developers paid special attention to the balance of the characters. Each of them has a unique set of characteristics (damage, health, defense), vision radius and attack area. So far, there are 21 heroes in Bullet Echo, but their number will most likely be replenished with new colorful characters.

In addition to differences in characteristics, characters are divided by rarity into common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical. The difference between them is expressed not only in the characteristics, but also in the abilities available for pumping.

Please note that you can only increase the rank of a character after reaching a level that is a multiple of 10. For example, by upgrading the Stalker through training to level 10 and accumulating enough cards, you can upgrade it to a rare rank.

Reward system

The bulk of the rewards in Bullet Echo are for completing missions. In one day, you can have an unlimited number of battles and open an unlimited number of chests. It is only important to fulfill the conditions for their receipt.

The game actively rewards you for actions in matches: killing enemies and winning, as well as for fulfilling special conditions
Another part of the rewards you get from the analogue of the Battle Pass in shooters or the Path to Glory in Brawl Stars. You earn cups and unlock rewards in the form of bonus coins and bucks*.

*Bucks is a special currency for which you can save a series of victories, open chests or buy coins.

Rewards are also given for leveling up the player.

Bullet Echo is a beautiful and well-balanced saga of character shootouts that will take place in well-designed 3D arenas. The user will watch the whole process from above, controlling his character with a joystick, taps and swipes. As expected in the genre, each fighter has his own unique abilities, can use different types of armor and weapons, throw grenades. The victory will be won by the one who chooses the right tactics depending on the type of the arena and its size, the nature of the enemy and their number, as well as the mode.

Start fighting and try to come out on top. Run under the walls, trying not to be in open space and keeping an eye on what and where will appear – damage boosters, armor, additional agility and speed, iamb guns, grenades. Immediately grab everything that can be actively used in battle and run to shoot at enemies. Destroy as many opponents as you can, gain experience and funds. Invest earned resources in research, open chests, hoping to get a new character or equipment.