It seems that all paid online games this year were half-finished or fundamentally broken. However, this is not a problem nowadays, because there are many free analogues available on the market. They have evolved over the years and only get better.

Today we decided to pay attention to the winner in our nomination of the best game-service – Fortnite.

What is Fortnite?

But let’s remember what Fortnite is all about. This is a free-to-play 100-man battle royale where players alone or in squads of up to four allies jump onto the island and survive. Globally, the task is the same: to remain the only survivor (or survivors, if in a detachment). Everything is very simple.

What distinguishes Fortnite from other similar games is its vibrant animation style, the emphasis on construction, and an absolutely unique approach to new content. Developers not only release new seasons from time to time, where they change the map and add new skins, but often hold full-fledged events.

In a season with Marvel heroes, for example, the villain Galactus threatened the battle royale island. At the end of the three-month event, all players simultaneously began to confront him, resulting in a 15-minute story episode. Gameplay-wise, such events do not give anything special, but it’s still a whole show. What can we say about virtual concerts: what other game did Ariana Grande or Travis Scott perform in?

Fortnite has a lot of skins

Recently I caught myself on an interesting thought: I want to buy some beautiful figurines of my favorite characters. Spiderman, Geralt or Snake. But where to put them? And why, because they will just gather dust (but you want to!). And Fortnite solves this problem in a very interesting way. At least for me.

Fortnite has an endless variety of characters, with many of them coming from partners like Marvel, DC, PlayStation, Xbox, Square Enix and many more. All kinds of heroes in the royal battle now can not be counted. There are about three dozen of them from Marvel alone: ​​a couple of variants of Venom and Spider-Man, as well as Iron Man, Thor, Thanos, Ghost Rider. With DC, Fortnite even had a comic book series with its own Batman.

And after all, you can still play for everyone, and to discover the unique features of the appearance of some, you will also have to work hard. Then there will be no opportunity.

Some characters only appear ONCE. First of all, those related to the battle pass. For example, Mandalorian, Carnage and Iron Man in their current form can no longer be obtained. Only those who fussed in time will be able to play for them. The value of such characters increases many times over. It remains to be hoped that they will make alternative options, which they still decide to sell separately in the store. But the chances of this are small.

It’s all?

In general, yes. The peculiarity of the battle royale genre lies precisely in the fact that everything here is insanely simple and clear. All around you are enemies, but you just need to survive. That being said, you don’t have to kill anyone at all, as Fortnite gives you enough opportunities to win without shooting – or at least with a minimum. You can just hide and build.

In addition, with the advent of creative mode, there is even more entertainment outside of the usual battle royal. If you want – try yourself in an obstacle course, in a trap with a falling floor, in a gungame with changing weapons, and so on. You can actually create something yourself.

Although, as practice shows, the vast majority still prefer the standard royal battle.

New battle pass

The most notable change in the past 12 months has been a brand new Battle Pass. Now all rewards are divided into pages, and you can open them in a relatively random order. Something you don’t like? You can not take it, focusing on more important rewards.

The general line of progress has somehow been preserved. The main pass is divided into ten pages of ten rewards each. To open the next page, you must either pump ten levels, or open a certain number of rewards. At first, you try to quickly get to the next prizes, but by the second half of the pass, I began to beat my hands in order to save up more currency for the necessary purchases later.

As before, it’s easy to win back the purchase of the battle pass – you need to get about 70 levels and choose V-bucks as rewards. Since the summer of 2020, by the way, the subscription has fallen in price and now costs about 400 rubles (it used to be about 700 rubles). In addition, a Fortnite Squad subscription has appeared, which for 719 rubles includes the current battle pass (400 rubles), 1000 V-bucks (500 rubles), a unique character and a few more nice bonuses. A tempting offer for active players.

Completely new map

At the beginning of December 2021, the third chapter of the royal battle started, with which the developers presented a completely new map. The plot explanation for this is simple – during the battle with aliens, the heroes simply turned the island over. Known locations are now under water, but there are already hints of the appearance of older levels – like urban skyscrapers.