TOP 10 games for iPhone

We’ve rounded up the best iOS games to save you time looking for great apps in the App Store. We offer TOP 30 games for iPhone – really interesting and exciting, with an exciting plot and funny characters, charming graphics and a pleasant soundtrack, fast-paced action and unhurried quests. Download the best games for iPhone and go on new adventures!

Among us

A fascinating online detective takes players into space. The participants are divided into two teams: astronauts and impostors. The task of the first is to carry out specific tasks, the second is to covertly destroy the crew. The difficulty is that everyone looks the same, so you can figure out who is who only by analyzing the actions of others. The essence of the game is to find a liar together in order to survive in space.

Back to Bed

In search of a visually beautiful game for iPhone 13 Pro Max, we suggest downloading Back to Bed. A simple but beautiful puzzle game where you have to get back to bed Bob, who suffers from sleepwalking. It is you who will act as a sleep guide in this game. Bob will walk around incredibly beautiful locations, risking falling into the abyss. Only you can save him from falling and falling into a trap.

Monument Valley

Incredibly beautiful visual puzzle based on optical illusions. In this game for iPhone, you have to explore architecture with the silent princess. But do not be fooled by the beautiful visuals, because in order to win, you need to strain your brain and stare at the screen intently.

mafia online

If you have never played tabletop mafia, we highly recommend it! Of course, it is far from always possible to gather all your friends at the gaming table, but we have found an excellent alternative – Mafia Online. Now you can play one of the best games on iPhone not only with your loved ones, but also meet other fans of the detective genre and make new friends who will be happy to share your gaming leisure with you.

Bonus: Another similar game is Town of Salem. It is without a card table, the action takes place on a mystical virtual field, and you act as a specific hero. To avoid problems with registration in Town of Salem, use a 10-digit password with symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Beyond a Steel Sky

Comic game with post-apocalyptic elements. This iPhone game was created by Dave Gibbons, artist of Alan Moore’s iconic Watchmen. The main character has to return the kidnapped child – he stubbornly follows the trail, overcoming all the obstacles that are on the way. The plot adaptively changes depending on your actions.

The Trail

An exciting adventure game for iPhone from renowned game designer Peter Molineux. The bottom line is that you go on a journey to explore unknown spaces, overcoming many obstacles and collecting items to solve puzzles. The player will have to survive natural hazards, changing weather conditions and other ups and downs of exploring the New World.

The free version can be played by 5 to 7 people, the paid version can be played by up to 9, and it also comes with a few interesting perks that make the game more fun and interesting. What is the point? There are two organizations – agents and dual agents working for the Virus organization. The task of agents is to find at least one virus, and the task of viruses is to divert suspicion from themselves and blame at least one agent.

Paper Grade, Please

An addictive iPhone game in which you’ll take on the role of a border guard in a fictional communist country. Your main task is to identify suspicious individuals by checking their documents and find spies and maniacs.


Another top iPhone game with very beautiful graphics made in the quest system. On this planet there are hostile inhabitants with whom you have to fight.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

If you are looking for a decent game for iPhone 13, we suggest you opt for an adventure fairy tale from Seabreeze. If you have an iPhone 13 Pro with a top-end GPU, then you will definitely appreciate the quality of the graphics and the rendering of details. The meaning and games are that two brothers go to get an elixir for a sick father. Of course, difficulties await them on the way, but it’s even nice to pass, considering how responsibly the developers approached drawing graphics.

Rusty Lake Paradise

This is a kind of gamebook – a book that immerses the player in the story. The protagonist returned home and found out that his relatives were punished by God. He decides to save his family from suffering and sets off on a long journey full of mysterious mysteries and incredible puzzles.


The game was released in 2017 and immediately captivated gamers with its pleasant interface and free online mode. After that, Fortnite was transferred to mobile devices, and it quickly became one of the best games on iOS. In the mobile version, everything is exactly the same as on the game console, only in a pocket format. In Fortnite, you need to build defensive buildings and fortifications during the day, and defend against zombies at night. Players cooperate to collect items to build a fort. You can build and edit every wall of your fort with a 3×3 grid, build stairs, roof and windows.