The best off-road racing games on PC

But what if the absence of a car / weather conditions / banal laziness prevent you from taking part in real races? The solution to the problem is obvious – install off-road racing on your PC and defeat virtual rivals. Well, in choosing the best games in the genre, our selection will help you.


Slightly lower in our selection, Dirt: Showdown is an offshoot of Dirt’s main rally racing series. As you know, rally races take place mainly on tracks without asphalt, so you will have to drive off-road in most modes.

The Dirt’s series (previously, by the way, it was named after the racer Colin McRae, who died in 2007) contains games for every taste: more serious and sometimes even hardcore Colin McRae: Dirt’s and Dirt’s Rally, as well as casual-oriented Dirt’s 2, 3, 4 and 5. So here you can have fun and challenge your driving skills.


One of the best off-road driving simulators from Russian developers. Spin tires Mud Runner offers to conquer extreme tracks behind the wheel of SUVs and trucks, the appearance of which is well recognized by domestic cars: ZILs, Kratz’s, MAZs and so on.

In addition, gamers will undoubtedly be pleased with the presence of a cooperative.

In 2020, the release of the ideological successor of Mud Runner – the Snow Runner game from the same Saber Interactive, and this is a complex, large-scale and very high-quality off-road game with a unique atmosphere and exciting challenges.


Crazy survival race, characterized by a complete lack of rules. What methods to achieve victory – only you decide: you can drive carefully and try to honestly overtake all rivals, or you can push and crash, try to gouge all opponents and remain the only participant in the race.

Dirt’s: Showdown features an extensive selection of vehicles, as well as an impressive roster of modes that range from familiar races to arena battles, obstacle courses and stunt competitions.


A franchise that is probably familiar to every fan of racing games. Many people probably downloaded the Flat-out games not for the sake of races (although they are very good), but for entertainment in additional modes that allow you to arrange spectacular accidents and launch the poor driver through the windshield so that he knocks down giant skittles or hits the bull’s-eye with his body huge darts.


A fast-paced MMO racing game that takes players across the entire United States – not on a 1:1 scale, of course, but rather vast.

The game features a rather fascinating (albeit banal) plot, an impressive list of cars, motorcycles, boats and aircraft with the ability to fine-tune and customize them, as well as a huge number of competitive races, including the usual races on the tracks, and crazy chases over rough terrain.


A game in a post-apocalyptic setting that tells the story of a world that has been subjected to powerful natural disasters and climate change. Society, in the conditions of the collapse of civilization and an acute fuel crisis, for some reason arranges races in jeeps, motorcycles, trucks and other modes of transport (do not look for logic here).

Fuel is known for being included in the 2009 Guinness Book of Records for the largest open locations in the gaming industry. The size of the world is really impressive, but other than that, the game can not boast of anything else: the career is boring, the physics are not finalized, and navigation along the tracks often fails.


A series of simulators from Russian developers, in which you are invited to storm off-road in jeeps of domestic and foreign production.

Of course, all the realities of traveling in the absence of a flat road surface are not conveyed by the games of the All-wheel Drive line, but some skills are still required from gamers: here you need to correctly use the advantages of the 4×4 design, know when to shift into a lower gear, and also how to ability to prevent damage to the vehicle.


A line of rally simulators licensed from the World Rally Championship. Contains official tracks, cars, teams and pilots of the WRC, as well as moderately realistic gameplay, beautiful graphics and reliable physics.

At the same time, the WRC games are not worth downloading for hardcore fans: they are designed to introduce casual gamers to the world of rally, so they do not require special driving skills.


Quad bike racing with a lot of emphasis on performing spectacular stunts. Some race modes literally force you to make beautiful jumps and somersaults in order to constantly replenish the ATV’s fuel supply.

In Pure, players have access to single-player career and multiplayer competition modes. To achieve the highest skill in this project, you need to spend more than one hour mastering all the tricks, from simple to the most complex.


An arcade racing game with beautiful graphics (thanks to Unreal Engine 4), licensed cars, scenic tracks and an impressive selection of single and multiplayer modes.

The player’s career in Gravel is built around a television show, so in order to be successful, you need to drive not only fast, but also beautifully, earning audience sympathy in races.