State of Decay 2 Zombie Guide Game Review


State of Decay 2 is a massive zombie apocalypse survival simulation. And the main threat in this world (besides armed people) are hordes of slow and stupid zombies.  But, after more than a dozen hours of playing, you suddenly discover that in fact the walking corpses are not monotonous, and they even have something like an ecosystem.  In this guide, we will tell you about the types of zombies, as well as how to properly deal with them.

Types of zombies

The entire local rot fauna is divided into several categories: ordinary zombies, equipped zombies, mutated zombies. Let’s consider each subspecies separately.

regular zombies

Description: A common decaying ghoul, identified by its glowing yellow eyes. Pretty dumb and predictable. Attacks only if he sees and hears the player, the rest of the time he wanders aimlessly around the area, or even wallows in the alley, like a bum.

It is killed hand-to-hand with improvised means, or chokes on a car – it’s a pity to waste cartridges on this vile. If you still started shooting, then aim for the head, otherwise there will be an additional consumption of ammunition.

infected zombies

Description: These guys are already more serious than standard corpses. You can distinguish them from the general mass by their glowing red eyes (they can be seen especially well at night), as well as by the bloody miasma they leave behind. They behave more actively, notice the victim at a longer distance and move quickly. They chase players even when they lose sight of them. Scattered randomly around the map, however, their maximum concentration is observed near the “Plague Hearts”.

How to fight: in principle, in the same ways as with ordinary zombies. Shooting at them is only a very last resort. But in hand-to-hand combat, you should know that each bite or blow increases the scale of infection, and if it is filled to the maximum, the character will become infected. It will be possible to cure it only by constructing a vaccine from the biomaterial that falls from infected zombies.

Equipped Zombies

Description: in fact, they are ordinary zombies, who, apparently, were soldiers or police special forces. They are wearing bulletproof vests and helmets, which is why they move very slowly. They are not particularly dangerous, and rarely come across.

How to fight: in no case do not transfer cartridges to them, because it is pointless. It is best to get close to the strike distance and knock the helmet off the corpse, and then effectively finish off in the head. A blunt weapon is perfect for this. The blade can break or become dull quickly.


Description: This nasty kind of zombie has moved straight from the first part. It looks like a creepy dholak without arms, with mandibles at the mouth. Very rarely you can see him wandering around the doorways, he mostly sits in places where zombies accumulate – the guy loves parties. When a player appears nearby, it emits an ominous cry, to which all the zombies from the area run.

How to fight: hitting him in the face is impractical, unless you suddenly ran into him from around the corner. As you get closer, the screamer will already summon all the minions in line of sight. A firearm puts an end to his existence – one bullet to the head is enough.


Description: Another nasty creature designed to ruin your life. It looks like an overgrown toad standing up on its hind legs. Its huge belly sways and makes unpleasant gurgling sounds. It is in it that the poisonous gas is stored, with which the rotten spits at the player, temporarily incapacitating him.

How to fight: Do not try to kill him with a stick on the head. Even if you fence, the monster will simply explode and douse you with a fetid shower, from which you will not come to your senses very soon. Only a firearm (fortunately, it bursts from one shot to any part of the body). Some make a big mistake and crush him in a car that instantly turns into a gas chamber.


Description: A very dangerous type of zombie – fast, cunning, deadly. Looks like a man on all fours. You can identify him by the loud cries that he makes throughout the district. The saddest thing that can happen is meeting this monster without a partner. With one jump, the savage will knock you to the ground and inflict a lot of damage, which will take a very long time to heal. This is probably the only zombie that can run away if he realizes that it smells like kerosene.

How to fight: it’s better not to get caught at all, but if you still notice him earlier than he did you, kill him with a headshot. Look, don’t miss! It will no longer be so convenient to smack on a galloping savage. Alternatively, you can crush it in a car, but this is fraught with risk – the monster loves to jump onto the roof and pull out passengers at full speed.


Description: The most dangerous creature in the game. He looks like a hefty fat man, barely moving his legs. But as soon as he finds the living, he makes a loud roar and starts chasing. Despite its size, the big man moves, be healthy, you can’t run away on your own two feet. Catch up and tear like Tunic heating pad.

How to fight: avoid. If you nevertheless fell into his field of vision, then run into the first shelter that came across, since he does not crawl through doorways. And already through the windows shoot at the fat man, aiming for the head. When your dexterity and directness of hands are enough, climb onto the top of his head and finish him off with one blow. This is probably the only target worthy of a Molotov cocktail. Alternatively, you can drape in a car, but in no case ram it. Why?