Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Game Review

Rush Royale – Random PVP Tower Defense is a non-trivial Tower Defense for Android from the developers of the B.V. studio, in which we will not only defend our territory from the attacks of the enemy army, but also transfer antagonists to the sites of other gamers. In addition to a rather unusual gameplay, the game received an interesting design of locations, nice cartoonish graphics, excellent animation and funny soundtrack.

Gameplay Rush Royale – Random PVP Tower Defense

In general, the game received two modes: P2P and Co-Op. It is easy to guess that in the first we will play against the same gamer that we ourselves are, and in the second we will have to cooperate with another player and try to hold back the enemy army for as long as possible, trying its best to break through the double defense. The playing field is divided into two identical halves and only the lower one is ours. It all starts with a short tutorial and the first thing you notice is the inability to set up defenses wherever you want.

In principle, this is not necessary, since the radius of destruction is sufficient in any situation and the enemies will get their own, even if they have to shoot at them across the entire field. The next nuance is related to the fact that we can’t even choose one or another tower, since this is run by “His Majesty Random”.

Instead of the usual gold, mana is used as the game currency, as in P2P strategies like Clash Royale. Resources are traditionally accumulated by eliminating the enemy, but to hire a new unit (oh yes, different characters are used here instead of towers) you will have to press a single button.

And there perishing as will decide case. We can get both a very weak fighter and a fairly strong one. But the most interesting thing in this game is that we can combine the same wards, getting more pumped heroes that can deal twice as much damage to the enemy. It should be noted that we get a twice as strong unit only when we combine the same heroes for the first time. In subsequent mergers, the power will go out. For example, when combining the first two wards, we get one, but with a gain of two hundred percent.

And if, after the first paired merger and getting two new identical heroes, we make a second merger, we will get not a 400% increase in strength, but approximately 350%. One cell, of course. This only says that without the need it makes no sense to combine the same characters. Now, if you have climbed so far that there is no more free space on the field. it becomes relevant to unite the same wards in order to free up cells for new heroes. The difficulty with hiring additional forces is that each new hero will cost you more than the previous one and it will take longer to save up for it.

Features of Rush Royale

Non-trivial gameplay;

Real rivals and partners;
Many characters;
Two modes;
Quality graphics.
Before going into battle, you can choose the units that will form the main backbone of the army. At the same time, their multiple merger will allow you to get completely different fighters. Each warrior has unique abilities and, at least in PvP mode, this is of great importance. The fact is that every destroyed enemy unit appears at the opponent. The more enemies we eliminate, the more of them the enemy will have. The loser is the gamer who is the first to not cope with the onslaught of the enemy army and let at least one antagonist into his base.

By the way, in P2P mode, each player has his own base, and in cooperation mode, it is one and our units will fire at all enemies. Even for those that appear on the partner’s half. Rush Royale – Random PVP Tower Defense – this is really a very unusual and quite exciting “tides” for Android, which is a pleasure to spend your free time. The game is distributed for free, and the existing donation system can be neglected, this will not make the game boring.