No matter how thrilling or just good moments may arise, Predator Hunting Grounds will desperately make you hate yourself.

In addition to waiting for the next “reboot” or “real” sequel, fans are often waiting for the right playable incarnation of their favorite characters. And if in the field of “Aliens”, “Star Wars” and “Terminator” there are good examples and even stars, then the magnificent “Predator” has eternal problems. It seemed that the recipe for a correct and good game based on the adventures of an intergalactic hunter had long been found. The legendary sequel Aliens vs. Predator 2 from Monolith is a prime example of this.

To get a competent game about the Predator, its development must be entrusted, if not to fans, then to fans of this MCU. Predator Hunting Grounds proved another important rule. Developers should be not only fans, but also specialists.

Predator Hunting Grounds is an asymmetric multiplayer action game where a team of four marines performs a mission on a location while another player in the form of a Predator infiltrates the playground to hunt NPCs and live players.

By itself, the concept of asymmetric multiplayer is very, very exciting. But in 90% of cases, it is the implementation details that ruin everything good that is in this genre.

Predator is playable for fans of the franchise. The key word is possible. Unfortunately, all indifferent should run away from this game.

The most important and main plus of this work is that it was really made by fans of the very first film of 1987 release. Predator HG has some incredible amount of references and nods to the work of John McTernan. UI elements, Predator animation details, some level locations, equipment, hunter moves, etc.

The developers paid almost the main attention to the sound of the game. If you close your eyes and just listen to the game, you get the feeling that you are watching the same movie. Everything from the sounds in the thermal imager to the musical segments, cleverly placed in the right places, perfectly conveys the mood and atmosphere of the film. Even the light bulb in the helicopter, signaling the beginning of the landing, is taken from the 1987 Predator.

In the learning process, perhaps for the first time since the beautiful Aliens vs Predator 2, fans of the series will again be overwhelmed by those very emotions. A wonderful game incarnation of your favorite hero with all the nuances.

As soon as the tutorial ends, the game blossoms in all its terrible “splendor”.

First, the batch search algorithm is broken. To play as the Predator, please wait 10-15 minutes. With the role of people, things are better: on average, you have to wait 2-3 minutes. And this despite the fact that the matches are held in crossplay mode between PC and PS4. Secondly, there are numerous bugs in the game, both in the image and in the gameplay. The worst sin of Predator HG is the broken game balance.

When playing as an infantryman, a team of four needs to complete a series of tasks on the level, then go to the evacuation zone and fly away in a helicopter. Tasks are usually of three types. Either you need to get to the computer and hack it, or destroy certain items, or kill an important target. All this is accompanied by the shooting of incoming waves of bobbleheads with the most stupid artificial intelligence. Somewhere in the middle, the Predator will surely find you and join the general “fun”.

The soldier is equipped with primary and secondary weapons. It has 3 slots for items: grenades, first-aid kits or gadgets, as well as 3 slots for perks. Each type of weapon has customization. Barrel, scope, magazine, coloring, etc. For each action in the game, both as a human and as a Predator, the player is given experience. The higher your level, the more various modules you can hang on your fighter.  This applies to both people and the hunter.

A seriously wounded comrade can be lifted. If you did not have time to do this, you can revive it by returning it to service with the help of radio stations, calling for reinforcements. You can, like Arnie from the movie, get smeared in the mud and become invisible to the thermal imager.

If the players are attacked by the Predator and managed to defeat him, you can interrupt the progress of the task and simply call a helicopter to collect the body of the hunter. In this case, the fattest NPCs will attack you and will try not only to kill you, but to destroy the body of an alien.

When playing as the Predator, you have only one goal – to kill a team of foot soldiers.

At the start of a match, you are dropped off at a different point on the map, and you have to find a team of players based on audio, a heartbeat locator, and footprints on the ground. Along the way, you can hunt NPCs to earn experience.

The predator, as in the film, moves through the trees. Very rarely you will get stuck somewhere and find the right branch yourself.  Telescopic spear, throwing disc, net, trap, plasma caster, sound tricks.

The Predator has the effect of invisibility, which is reverently transferred from movie screens. Also, the Predator, like in the movie, the eyepieces of the mask sparkle yellow when you switch to visor mode, which can give you away in the thickets. The invisibility effect, thermal imager and other energy weapons consume a battery that recharges over time, and quite quickly.

When mortally wounded, the Predator enters second chance mode.  Within the allotted time, you must run as far as possible and heal your ward. Having wounded a predator, it can be tracked by traces of blood. Bleeding is removed by healing wounds. After that, if your health drops to zero again,