Hide Online – Hunters vs props Game Review


Hide Online Apk is a famous action game with a large number of players, allowing every player in the world to fight. The game will give you an exciting experience by mixing traditional fighting style with innovative ideas. It is the first Android game completely dependent on the addictive e.

The two teams are called the Hunters and also the Props. Hunters are armed with heavy weapons and can kill while props must take cover if they want to get out.

Two teams play together, not fight each other!

Here are the best features the game should include:

Have fun with this easy to use and simple prop hunting game

Early on, Android gamers in Hide Online will be able to access a simple and easy prop hunting game that provides an exciting and fun adventure at the same time. In this game, you can become props and escape from the most heinous hunters or destroy hideouts with your amazing weapons.

You can solve many hide-and-seek-type challenges using the unique online hide-and-seek game and enjoy your time to the maximum. Take advantage of the unique game mechanics to have tons of fun in all your online matches.

Most importantly, the game will allow Android gamers to have an exciting gaming experience with simple touch screen controls, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the game. Enjoy fun gameplay and control your props and characters efficiently with simple analog and virtual buttons.

Use whatever props you can and then hide from your hunter.

Start by transforming into an adorable prop, then change your look as you play to stay away from uptight hunters.  But at the same time, take care to hide when the hunter approaches, because he can notice your presence by a frequent growling sound.

Have fun distracting enemies and keep your distance until the countdown reaches zero. If they come close to detecting your presence, the props can turn their victims into harmless puppets for just a few seconds, giving you plenty of time to sneak out.

You can also take your weapon and shoot annoying objects.

However, those who love the exciting game of hunting and shooting can become the most dangerous players in this sport. Enjoy yourself as you search for seemingly ordinary props scattered around the room and reveal them through the strange sounds that come from these items.

However, you should only shoot when you are sure of your decision, because shooting at the wrong target will result in losing some HP points. To better understand if you are 100% sure, test your theories with an explosive grenade, which will be available after a set cooldown period.

Many maps have different and intriguing configurations

In order to make the game of hide and seek in the online hide and seek game more fun and exciting, Android gamers are also provided with a variety of maps with different layouts. Here, players can enjoy addictive PvP gameplay while exploring the exciting and refreshing environment. Play the fun hide-and-seek game with updated maps and you’ll also get access to even more transformations.

Have fun playing with your players online and with friends

While you are playing exciting game matches, the game also offers an exciting online game that you can play with your online friends and other players. You can have fun online with online gamers and friends. You can be props or hunters while you play along with your real teammates in a fun props finder game.

Create and personalize your characters

To keep the game interesting, Hide Online also offers various character customization options so that you can enjoy both the hunter and the character. In addition, you can easily equip your characters with amazing costumes and skins that will change your look as a hunter. Get new guns for distinctive shooting effects and reposition yourself for more fun gameplay. You can also have fun using funny objects and then changing their emojis for interesting ones.

Play for free

Despite all the fantastic in-game features, Android gamers can still play online games for free.

Play unlocked games with our

However, to make the game more fun and exciting, you can also download our verified versions of the game, which have many exciting features. Here you can enjoy unlimited charges, no recharge of your abilities, unlimited gameplay with unlimited money, purchase new features and enjoy ad-free gaming. That’s all it takes to start the download, install Hide APK.

game hunter vs props

It’s like a real call of duty and in this scenario the props will be ordered to hide or run to save their lives. Meanwhile, the hunters will be equipped with grenades, shotguns and weapons and will be able to kill props.

Graphic arts

If you’re looking for an exciting props game, Hide Online will introduce players to stunning 3D visuals that are captivating and fun at the same time. Discover a variety of characters with different looks or disguise them as interesting life-like objects and experience stunning 3D worlds with realistic settings.


In addition to attractive 3D graphics, this game allows players to immerse themselves in an immersive props hunting experience through addictive soundtracks and resonant sound effects.