Total War Rome 2 – game review

In the history of mankind there were several periods that could be called the real flowering of civilization – both human in general, and some specific prevailing one. The current civilization is not so interesting for the players, because they are in it, but the past ones, when the development of mankind went by leaps and bounds, and all issues were resolved on the battlefields, very much so. Here you can download Rome Total War for Android and immerse yourself in one of the brightest periods in history.

Game Review

The Roman Empire and its three major factions – you can choose any of them. Carefully read the description of each, as the political style will have to be built taking into account the characteristics of each of the factions.

The whole story begins in 270 BC. e., and ends 14 years after the birth of Christ. During this time, you must grow a real empire, prospering in economic, political, military, social and other terms. Capture Europe, the North of the African continent, Egypt and Gaul, Spain and Macedonia, get to the British Isle and subjugate everyone on the eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean. So, if you download Total War for Android, you have to invest a lot of effort and talent in order to succeed.


The gameplay here can hardly be called simple. But managing an entire empire cannot be easy. You will need to deal with both domestic and foreign policy.

The internal one will assume that you will invest money and resources in your citizens, and they will build houses, start families and get an education, engage in useful activities that will bring taxes to the treasury. Sometimes there will be skirmishes within the country on economic, political, religious or other grounds, so be prepared to resolve them.

Foreign policy, of course, consists of diplomacy and wars. Establish useful trade and economic ties, look for allies for future wars. And then equip yourself for military campaigns to annex more lands. Moreover, you will see the battles as if you are participating in them directly, and come up with tactics on the go, as well as choose the types of troops and their number. You can manage the economy with a simple click of buttons and tracking indicators. All you need is to figure out how to install Rome Total War on Android and enter the race for dominance in the center of the whole world.

In the midst of the heat of battle, the player can easily choose between single units and an entire army under his control.  All characters located in the territory of this zone will be selected.

More precisely, the simplifications, up to the thoughtless, barbaric destruction of those mechanics that gave the entire series gloss, fascination and depth of immersion for the last 13 years, formed the indestructible foundation of its gaming soul.

By and large, there is nothing to do in this strategy on the global map, the catch is that it does not become clear immediately, but clearly after 10-15 hours of play, and on the twentieth, you are attacked by deadly longing. Any strategic planning comes down to just dividing provinces by specialization with an even smaller set of buildings compared to Shogun 2.

This province will be a raw materials and economic appendage, in the neighboring one we will organize a recruiting center, and in the capital of the empire, where overseas caravans with goods lead, it is better and more profitable to develop trade infrastructure. On this, in fact, the entire global part ends – no geopolitics and no real strategy with a miscalculation for years to come.

Total War: Failure

What gives in Rome 2, say, control over the strategically important strait connecting Italy and Sicily? Absolutely nothing, the local settlement of Kentia, which fully corresponds to the role of a potential stronghold on the path of a possible invasion of Carthage into the heart of Italy – has no walls …. Their multi-level construction with various additional stopping weapons is a thing of the distant “hardcore” past. Weak walls are only in the capitals of the provinces, which are mostly located in the most disadvantageous places. In such a casual scenario, it is basically impossible to arrange a “Stalingrad” for someone, as in the old days.

Honestly, in the course of the game you don’t even need siege equipment, just calmly and easily set fire to the gates with soldiers under toothless walls and forward, and ridiculous capture points generally put the defenders in an unequal position against the attackers.

You can lose the city even to an enemy twice as weak as you. He will simply run through your ranks at the broken gates to the nearest control point, and then your vital reinforcements will not have time to reach the scene, as the city will be captured in just a minute. Shock … and these are the developers – complete crap, devaluing the player’s freedom of action. The worst thing is that there are such capture points even in battles in open areas.

In general, the feeling of integrity and ownership of your own empire in the game is completely absent. To build, as before, conditional Trajan’s ramparts from a chain of small, but strong on the walls of settlements with garrisons on the borders with barbarian states and live in relative peace? No, we haven’t. Wait for the Greeks – Scythians from the other end of the map under your capital through all the buffer countries and zones.