Age of Empires 3 Game Review

In this article, I will tell you about the innovations in the re-release: Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition. I will share useful information regarding the features of some game mechanics, and my impressions. The third part does not have the status of a cult strategy, unlike Age of empires 2, but it is also a high-quality and original game.

Let me cry

In Age of empires, my father was hacking when I was the size of the system unit of our second “stump”. “Era”, as her father calls her now. Then he played the second part. A neighbor lived behind the wall of our apartment, he also liked to play Epoch. My dad and a neighbor drilled a hole in the wall, wired it up and played Age of empires 2 over LAN and other games from the early 2000s too. It was lamp time.

So, time passed, in 2005 Age of Empires 3 came out. I was 11 years old. To be honest, I couldn’t play it normally, my intellect was not yet very pumped. Somewhere at the age of 14, when the Archie’s add-on was already released, and I managed to get acquainted with The Last of the Mohicans, Daughter of Montezuma, watch a lot of historical films about the Indians, and as I considered myself a true Indian in my soul, I again decided to try this master the game. And I mastered.

Age of Empires 3 Features

What is special about the third part of AOE? The third part is interesting primarily for the chosen era. I can’t immediately remember the strategy for the development of North America It’s great that at least in the game, the Indians can defeat the white Europeans, who push and push deep into the continent. Also, in the third part there are many innovations that add variety to the gameplay, familiar to RTS strategies.


If you played the second part of AOE or its chic re-release, then the main differences from the second part will be:

Feature with metropolises, you can order upgrades, resources, units, buildings for experience.
Experience is gained for erecting buildings, creating units, for killing enemy soldiers and destroying enemy buildings. Experience is needed to level up your metropolis.
There are treasures in the game, you have an explorer. It is your unique unit.

Units, all except peasants, can be ordered in packs, two, three, four, five (ten each. Streltsy from the Russians). (There are also exceptions. 3 peasants are ordered from Russia, from the Ottomans they themselves are reproduced in the Mosque. The Hindus have a tree, the Dutch have gold.

the French have a unique peasant – “Trapper, Courier De Bios”, the British, when you complete the construction of a house, a peasant is born, the Germans have a peasant with a cart.)
Neutral units appeared in the third part, you need to build a Factorial on their territory, and they will become available for order. There were also mercenaries.

In the transition to the fifth century, a revolution can be made.

The possibility of passive income was left, but not relics, now these are trade routes. You can also order a “factory” in the metropolis and the proletarian, led by “Lenin”, will cast guns for you in a certain time. One, let’s say per minute. Great! “Put in the coffee machine and you’re already a tycoon, my friend!”

Age of empires has a complex economy. It is important to keep track of the number of peasants extracting resources, to clearly distribute workers depending on your playstyle. In addition to resources, you need to constantly build an army so that you are not defeated at the beginning of the game.

This often happens, and beginners are swept away in 5-10 minutes using the Rush style. There are many styles in the game, and if you want to get serious about Age 3, I suggest you visit YouTube channels such as SuperJenya – Age of Empires 3, NickoFirst, Age of Streaming Community, and Samurai evolution. I don’t know much more, look too, and mark in the comments.

” The pike beats the cavalry, the cavalry “scrambles” artillery and infantry. Missile cavalry is effective against melee cavalry. Artillery “carries” the infantry. To win the battle, you need to watch the units, “micron”, reduce losses and kill as many enemy units as possible. Tactics help, for example, for ranged cavalry: shoot, run back and on a new one.

Information about the strength of the attack, defense, strengths of the unit. Bonus against cavalry. Very useful information.

In Age of Empires, it’s important to have a strategy for the game, to have a backup plan, like a wheel in your car and spare wipers. Be able to quickly recover from enemy raids, competently monitor the human mass, navigate the map, plan the location of key buildings: “Forts”.

“Shopping Center”, Barracks, “Towers”, successfully perform micro control of units. All this and more is to be mastered if you want to become an “Network Fighter” and challenge the “Legends” or at least sometimes win. And another important tip. Always play with the clock in the interface. This will help you play more focused and move on to eras, making key actions at the right time.

Let’s move on to the revision

The reissue touched graphics. The graphics have become more pleasant, many complain about the “soap”. I noticed it too. I watched gameplay recordings from more powerful PCs, the graphics are very beautiful, my hardware does not allow me to produce such a picture.

Models of units and buildings have been redrawn and improved. I play again and sometimes I don’t notice how my attention was captured by the natural landscape. Very beautiful game! I’m playing on medium settings with a frame rate of 60. For those who are interested, here is a good comparison of graphics in the old and new version: 4K Age of empires 3 Definitive Edition vs. Original Comparison.