Space Marshals 2 Game Review

Pixel bite is one of those studios that have proven their worth in recent years through the Reckless Racing series. It allows us to play some very entertaining games in a bird’s eye view car simulator when we have a track in front of us and we have to drive as fast as possible.

This game series and Xenowerk have featured Pixel bite as one of the research that knows how to add the highest quality to their games, so every time they publish a new one on the Google Play Store, we follow them closely to make a review. or analysis along these lines in Android is.

He has now released the as yet unreleased beta of Space Marshals 2 on the Google Play Store. A video game that has a very striking appearance with a special 3D and that reaches the level of console titles the hottest. Space Marshals 2 also takes us to sci-fi and the Wild West.

where they merge in a rather funny way, as these two “worlds” fit together very well, as we can find in this new Frostbite game. But we live not only in graphics, but Space Marshals also knows how to show that in stealth and in the choice of our victims, the recipe for ultimate victory will be found. Let’s look at the details and qualities of this discreet Android game.

Tactical combat for a visually refined video game

This adventure, a mixture of the wild west and pure science fiction, takes us into an isometric shooter in which we will have to use stealth as one of our favorite weapons. Okay, we can stand up and get Rambo’s plan, but of course we’ll suffer more than taking this path, more like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, in which we’ll take our victims on the back to get rid of them in the blink of an eye.

Not everything will be stealthy, but we must know how to use tactical attacks to penetrate enemy facilities and therefore know how to counter all those enemies that we have to cut.  For this reason, you will find all kinds of combat weapons, including grenades, drones, turrets, short-range mines, and more.

20 missions are waiting for you

While they may seem like a few missions at first, each one is handcrafted so you’ll love them. This means you will be taken on a crazy adventure where touching and choosing the right next move will mean the difference between defeat and victory. That’s why you explore all these objects well and find all those weapons that will allow you to get out of some critical moments.

Space Marshals 2 has over 70 different weapons and multiple factions you’ll be fighting in, so it’s a stealth game in which you’ll have to know how to attack the enemy at any time. If to this we add dual joystick controls and a sophisticated look, we will have one of the best bets of the year in these games that we can call the console type.

Right now you’re in beta phase on the Google Play Store, which means it’s not published, but you can install it on your Android to see what I’m talking about.

La technical quality is overwhelming and all these shadows, lighting, atmospheric effects, explosions and animations lead us to a game that borders on perfection. If we add to this his ability to obsess over stealth and not become another Rambo, we will have something to play for a long time.

The adventure of Space Marshals 2 begins with the Space Marshal’s ship, the Artemis. Translated into energy conservation mode, he cruised straight to the main headquarters, but on the way he was attacked by raiders.

In addition to valuable cargo, they took with them several capsules of cryogenic sleep, where the main characters were. Having quickly dealt with the opponents, they help out their mini-ship and go to the nearest planet, where in exchange for a temporary shelter they promise to deal with the raiders who have settled nearby. Space Marshals 2 walkthrough begins with a classic tutorial on combat mechanics:

We aim at the right;
By pointing your finger at any point on the screen, we switch to stealth mode to be able to hide from enemies and make silent kills;
We activate bombs and stones on a separate button, where they work as throwing weapons.

Walkthrough Space Marshals 2

Let’s start with the fact that although the game is woven from action elements, the tactical component remains the overwhelming mechanics of the gameplay:

Why attack enemies in the open, if there is an opportunity to sneak up and put them to sleep.
Distract the lookouts by throwing rocks.
Go out into open combat if you are confident in your superiority.
Fans of fights at close range are better off taking shotguns with them, but fans of shooting from afar will appreciate sniper rifles. By the way, loot drops out at the end of each level or is purchased for Space Marshals 2 special tokens. For each level, the number of the latter is strictly limited. They are exchanged for equipment in the machine located in the shelter.

Difference between premium and free version

This is one of the few games that offers a full story, with rich tactical variety. That is why the developers offer to purchase Space Marshals 2 premium version. It differs from free as follows:

Complete disabling of ads.
Providing access to the best rewards for completing tasks.
The ability to use machines to exchange COR-V tokens for valuable equipment.
For all this they ask for only 249 rubles. There are no additional purchases. Given the presence of full-fledged localization into Russian and the high quality of the product, a one-time donation is worth it.