Red Ball 4 Game Review

Alone against everyone! The red ball will have to go through more than 45 levels of the game Red Ball 4 (Red Ball 4) with tricky traps, physical puzzles and numerous enemies.

Game process

The main character is a red ball, who decided to fight the evil cubes alone and free himself. Moving forward will be hindered by mechanical traps, as well as numerous opponents – simple cubic minions, improved cubes and furious boss cubes.

Graphics and controls

Visual design – beautiful hand-drawn graphics with detailed drawing of locations and acting characters.

In addition, the atmosphere of this arcade game is added by high-quality musical accompaniment, which accurately conveys the actions on the screen.

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but personally I’m already tired of all these fantastic action games, RPGs. I want something simple. And I don’t need cool graphics. Luckily, I found one. Red Ball 4 is an easy-to-implement, but difficult-to-play game that will definitely make you brainstorm (otherwise you sit and stare at the monitor).


The main character of the whole game is a ball. Initially red. The plot is as follows: the evil cube decided to destroy everything round and turned even the planet Earth into a cube. The frisky ball wants to prevent this and in order to achieve the goal it needs to overcome the road with obstacles.

The player has only 3 buttons on the screen: forward, backward and jump. There will also be evil cubes on the way, which will need to be jumped over or destroyed by jumping from above. All levels are one endless path with hills and cliffs, you won’t even notice how you move from one level to the next. And, of course, you need to collect stars, where without them.


As you progress through the campaign, you will unlock new coloring of the ball – for example, in the colors of a soccer ball. Each level is worth gold, silver or bronze, so try to complete it as quickly as possible and collect all the stars.

Various carts and springboards that can be moved by the ball itself will help you with this. The Red Ball game also has weaknesses: for example, the number of lives (that is, opportunities to replay a level) is limited to five.  If you like to donate, you can buy eternal unlimited.


You can download the game Red Ball 4 absolutely free on Google Play and the App Store. Yes, and there are no excuses not to do this: implementation at the level, an unusual hero and a lot of mysterious obstacles.

If you have ever played the most popular game Bounce!, then you probably already understand what Red Ball 4 will look like – you also roll through the level from start to finish, avoiding everything sharp and dangerous, and at the same time collect various bonuses and stars, to get more points.

Your ball is not a armored fighter at all, so the only thing it can do to enemies is to jump on top of them, but many enemies are surrounded by spikes on all sides and will not give your hero the opportunity to defeat himself.

Count on dexterity, speed and cunning – jump over the villains, run away from them and throw boxes and stones on them from a height, and you can win! But enemies aren’t the only thing to watch out for in Red Ball 4 on PC and Mac. Difficult and complex levels, of which there are more than forty, will make you sweat and jump well! Get ready for a bright and dynamic adventure in Red Ball 4 – do not let the squares erect corner tyranny and keep peace on the round planet!

Most likely, the matter is in a simple, but at the same time, addictive and really fascinating plot. The graphic moment is definitely not in the first place here, the picture is simple, without special effects, three-dimensional 3D and amazing realism. But, if you like rig games as entertainment for your leisure time, then red ball games will certainly interest you.

Where will Red Ball lead?

If you have not heard about the character of these computer adventures, then now you can please yourself pleasantly, and you are guaranteed pleasant impressions and a sea of ​​positive emotions. There are a lot of fictional worlds in the sphere, and Red Ball just lives in one of them. Such a country in which spherical inhabitants live, colorful, smiling and completely harmless.

Aggressiveness is not characteristic of them, the local king did not even collect an army, since in fact there is no one to fight with. Everyone is enjoying life, traveling and starting families. The hero of the game red ball is a particularly ambitious person. He lacks sharp impressions, and yet they fell on his head. The most curious thing began in the games of the red ball, when the confrontation began against the black square.

The angular invader made itself felt in a sass, he kidnapped the beloved that Red Ball treasured more than anything else. Our boy was not a coward, he immediately decided to act and went to save the lady of the heart. Moreover, the enemy had goals – to turn everyone around into the same quadrangles as he and his minions. It is necessary to prevent this, this mission is dedicated to the passage of the game red ball.

Ride forward, feats await

The knight does not need assistants, he is able to deal with the situation himself, but he will not refuse to support gamers. He has a long way to go, for convenience he was divided into levels. There is a right to make a mistake, but it is limited, you use all your attempts and you will face the unpleasant consequences of defeat. Of course, if you use keys or various cheats, you can make your life easier, but this approach cannot be called honest.