The Walking Zombie 2 Game Review

Recently, the trend towards porting mobile games to consoles has been gaining momentum. Unfortunately, in the race for quick profits, developers do not pay enough attention to the technical side of the issue, and projects after porting are so full of all sorts of bugs that it is very difficult to play them. It is to such projects that The Walking Zombie 2 can be attributed.

The development was carried out by the independent Czech studio Aldi Games. On mobile platforms, the project started in 2019 and only by the middle of 2022 reached the consoles.

The project is a good old first-person shooter with RPG elements in a rather gloomy world that survived the zombie apocalypse. The main character will have to fight for survival, fighting with a wide variety of zombies, armed bandits and other dangerous opponents.

Immersion in the plot begins with a small prehistory of the birth of the protagonist, called the Chosen One (if you watched the movie “Kung Po: Hit your fist”, the phrase “The Chosen One” will cause a special, incomparable attack of nostalgia). A pregnant woman, infected with a terrible virus that turns the dead into walking pieces of meat.

is on the verge of death. The group of people in whose company she traveled believe that for everyone’s safety it is necessary to kill her. However, the Chosen One still manages to be born before the mother finally turns into a soulless killing machine. Simultaneously with the birth of the protagonist, hordes of the walking dead attack the camp, and only the Chosen One and his savior manage to survive.

The events then move forward 20 years. The savior of humanity lives in a small camp surrounded by crowds of the walking dead. The main character has matured and has already celebrated his 20th birthday. Life in the camp proceeds as measuredly as possible after the zombie apocalypse. Survivors of a global catastrophe solve vital tasks every day.

such as searching for supplies and medicines, in order to continue their existence in the ruins of a destroyed world. The inhabitants of the shelter are generously handing out story and secondary tasks. The dialogues between the characters are very simple, and even without localization, which is absent in the game, all information is easily perceived. Dark humor and jokes fit perfectly into the atmosphere. The usual dialogue for The Walking Zombie 2:

Some tasks require a certain level of the character or the minimum value of a particular characteristic (for example, eloquence). The main character has a very rich set of skills and abilities, which allows you to keep interest in the same type of tasks and uncomplicated gameplay.

The whole gameplay comes down to “go there” to “find something” while shooting down crowds of zombies. Auto-guidance in the game pleases and disappoints at the same time. On the one hand, it is very convenient that the front sight itself moves between the heads of enemies. On the other hand, getting into, for example, a barrel of fuel to scatter a bunch of enemies is very problematic. The sight rigidly captures moving targets and does not allow you to properly aim at other objects.

Part of the decisions made by the main character affects his karma, which in turn determines which tasks will be available for completion. The chosen one can become a good guy who helps everyone and brings only peace-friendship. Or he can become a bad guy – a bounty hunter who does not care about everyone and everything.

On the way to the most important goal in life – to save humanity from imminent death – the main character will use the map to move through small areas. During the exploration of locations, as well as as a reward for completing tasks, the Chosen One will receive new weapons and equipment. The interface is implemented in the best traditions of RPG. Everything is very convenient and intuitive.

Considering that the game is ported from mobile devices, offers to donate peek out from every corner, whether it’s a weapon customization menu or skill upgrades. Even on the loading screen, the “PlayStation Store” icon periodically appears, which very quickly becomes annoying. Having an unlimited amount of real money, you can become the “coolest in the world” in the blink of an eye, because with the money in the game you can buy as many skill points as you want.

the best equipment and weapons. Weapon customization looks overly diverse, offering over 200 color combinations and laser sights. The gameplay is well supported by a large number of items with which you can crush enemies. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, various types of ammunition, stationary machine guns and of course a hand-held minigun. All this is present in huge quantities in The Walking Zombie 2.

Cartoon unpretentious graphics are limited by the engine used (Unity). Unfortunately, tons of bugs do not allow you to enjoy the measured destruction of the walking dead and the unhurried passage of interesting quests in places. In one hour of gameplay, the game crashed more than 10 times with a critical error (half of which occurred on the initial loading screen). Alas, it is very difficult to play The Walking Zombie 2 without fixing existing bugs. It remains to be hoped that a patch will be released that will fix at least critical errors.