DDTank 2 Mobile Game Review

Do you want to join DDTank Mobile? You can already do it today!  Experienced players can once again plunge into exciting adventures, and beginners will be able to get acquainted with the world of DDTank full of fun and unforgettable moments. The game performed well in previous years and the developers hope that it will continue to please its audience and expand it by entering a new, more popular platform.

DDTank Mobile is an exciting turn-based game where you have to shoot back enemies. Do not relax, each player is limited in time. In the game, you will be able to find some fun features that make it a bit challenging, but at the same time exciting and interesting. In the updated version of the game, the developers added some new concepts and tried to keep the original side of the game that you fell in love with years ago. Therefore, if you want to have fun and have been looking for such a game for a long time, then you can safely install DDTank Mobile.

DDTank Mobile on Blues tacks

It’s good to play DDTank Mobile on your phone, but it’s even better to play it on your PC. The game will require strategic thinking and high concentration from you.  With our BlueStacks emulator, you’ll get that extra edge that’s so important in any PvP game.

Useful features for playing DDTank Mobile

With our Blues tacks emulator, you improve your gaming experience not only because you will be playing on your PC, but also with unique features that make any gameplay easy and interesting. Also, these features will help you move from mobile device to PC more quickly and easily. Here are some of the features you can use in our Blues tacks emulator:

Game control editor

The Blues tacks Game Control Editor is an indispensable feature when playing on PC and DDTank Mobile is no exception. This feature allows players to assign certain keys to various actions in the game. Thus, when you press a certain button in the game, a certain action will occur. You can also customize the movement elements by setting them to the familiar WASD keys.

As we said earlier, DDTank Mobile has a very dynamic gameplay and you will not have extra time. Navigation using the keyboard is the most efficient way to get to a certain point on the map, so we recommend that you use this feature and customize the controls for yourself.  Once you master the controls on PC, your battles and controls will be much more efficient than before on mobile.

window manager

This feature is one of the most important features in Blues tacks, as you get a lot of useful things with it. It allows users to open two or more Blues tacks windows that can be used at the same time and run different games on them. All the games and applications you need will be at your fingertips. This saves you a lot of time.

DDTank is a fun and action-packed game. But we all understand that if you play one game for a long time, then sometimes the hunt for diversity. Instead of closing the game, you can open a new one in another window and play them at the same time.  If you are disappointed in your comrades in the arena or are not ready to adapt to someone, then you can simply open several windows at once and start the game from other accounts.

As the name suggests, this feature puts your windows into power saving mode, which helps reduce your computer’s power consumption. If you use several windows at the same time, this can greatly affect the power consumption and operation of the computer’s RAM.

We don’t recommend using this mode while playing DDTank, but once you run multiple windows at the same time, you can enable this feature to improve your computer’s performance. Believe me, this feature really works and will help you not only maintain the performance of your PC, but also save energy consumption.

Rather, in DDTank!

This is a very addictive and addictive PvP game that you should definitely pay attention to. The combination of strategy and dynamic gameplay is something that can be found in many action RPGs today. But success in this game depends only on you. All you need to win is the speed of your reaction and ingenuity.

Therefore, do not delay. Join the game right now, many players around the world are already waiting for you and ready to go into battle.

All goods in the store can be bought for diamonds and rubies. The gold you get for each quest in the beginning is only used for decorations.

At the beginning of the game, you should not think about buying any expensive fashion items, because they are not very useful. You can dress your character for free only by completing tasks. As a reward, you get all the most necessary things for a beginner.


The combat system and the choice of weapons in worms – that’s what has always attracted players. In DDTank 2, these features of the game have not gone away. Participants in the battle appear on the map on different sides. With the side arrows you can move around the map.

and with the top arrows you can change the angle of the weapon.  The shot is given about 15 seconds, so there will not be much time for aiming. DDTank 2 will be easy to play for those who liked to play worms or tanks, with the same combat mechanics. When choosing the force of impact, it is imperative to look at the direction and speed of the wind.