stickman archer game review

Stickman archer is an exciting online game in which you will fight other real players from all over the world as an archer. At your disposal there will be many interesting characters with their unique abilities, a large number of weapons, namely bows, as well as various options for arrows, from fire to ice.

This is the same online game that the coders managed to hack, giving us the opportunity to play for fun without any donation in the game to buy new weapons and armor for your character. In the hacked version, we were given the opportunity immediately after installing the game and after winning the first battle to have a lot of money, which can later be spent on internal purchases in the game.

Although the Stickman Archer game for Android is still in early access, that is, at the testing stage, but at the same time it is very cool.  Dynamic change in weather conditions, change of day and night, all this directly affects your victory. In addition, each location has various items that will also prevent both you and your opponent from launching an arrow right on target.

With the money that you will have a lot, you can pump literally everything: a bow, arrows, a quiver, a shield. Arrows also have their own characteristics, fire arrows, arrows with a bound cactus, ice arrows and many other variations. Each of them has its own damage, flight speed and other characteristics.

As for the graphics and musical accompaniment. The developers here also did a pretty good job. And this means that the Stickman Archer game for Android is a game with stunning beautiful graphics, in which every object and element has the smallest drawing and beautiful animation. The sounds in the game are also quite pleasant, which allows you to comfortably play your favorite game. A large number of unique maps will not make you bored, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages for online battles.

In online mode, you will fight with real players from all over the world, so players from different countries can fight at the same time in the same arena. The advantage of the game is that it is not very demanding on the system resources of the device, as well as on the Internet connection. The game will be comfortable to play even on budget devices, which allows you to further expand the game community.

What gives a hack? In the modification, a lot of money is available for players immediately after winning the first battle. This allows you not to think about earning game currency (coins) to upgrade your character and weapons.

At the moment, the site has posted the best mod of the game Stickman Archer, which is on the network. Before uploading the ask file to the site, it was personally checked by me.  And I tested the game through the android emulator on a weak laptop and it played quite comfortably and without any lags.

Stickman archer – arcade and archery game for android. The Stickman archer game offers archery for everyone. The Stickman Indie studio decided to copy the famous project “the Archers”, rectifying some things.  Now both. Single mode offers to compete with the enemy’s computer, and multiplayer with one player. Naturally, the first plays the role of the workout, while the second helps to check that you are capable.

The confrontation takes place on the background of gray vysokoetazhn buildings. They are not gameplay, but I still worth mentioning. The characters settle on special platforms.  The goal of the game is very simple – to destroy your opponent. You can do this in two ways: firstly, to make an accurate shot in the head (хэдшот) and, secondly, to make two accurate shots, but already in the body. Naturally, the first option is much more difficult, but effective. Entering the body easier, but you will have to use the two arrows. The choice is simple. Either you exactly прицелитесь and bring an opponent to the head, or he will do it with you.

The multiplayer mode is not radically different from the singleplayer. The only thing to note is the vertical partition. It does not give players a move ahead. Need to do at least two, then a precise ten compressions that slime. No coins, bonuses, and what in the Stickman archer on android you will not find. The game is free, so avoid banner ads.

Another arcade game was recently released with amazing game story and interesting name like Stickman Archer and it was designed and made by Stickman Indie. You can enjoy this adventurous game with amazing user interface; where you will enjoy amazing and high quality graphics; and along with that all of you will also enjoy easy custom controls in the game.
In addition, this game provides you with an arena for fun battle; where you have to fight with enemies and fight with them to secure your victory against your enemies. The game has various types of weapons such as bows, arrows, guns and more; you can use all these weapons against your enemies and you can kill them.

However, there will be some hurdles and hurdles that will stand in your way as you search for your enemies; but you must be careful enough with all obstacles; so you can get enemies and can target them to knock them down.
On the other hand, this game is also available to play in multiplayer mode; in this mode, you can ask your friends all over the world to join you in this ultimate pleasure; besides, you just need to drag with your fingers on the screen to shoot and shoot at your enemies.
So you can enjoy this search, targeting, fighting, killing fun on your smartphones by visiting Play Store – Google or App Store – Apple, and if you want to download and play Stickman Archer for PC, you can follow the simple steps given in this article and make sure you have Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS.