Critical Ops Game Review


Before us is an analogue of the legendary Counter-Strike, which is going through hard times. Mobile Reincarnation is receiving positive feedback from players.

Critical Ops copies the original CS with high fidelity. Similarities are noticeable not only in letter, but also in spirit. Action with broken plaster from a machine-gun fire and the sound of shell casings has not gone away. There is also a sense of tension here when you yourself remain on the team and try to pull out a victory against several players.

You can download Critical Ops on Android in the Play Market, as well as on IOS in the AppStore. The good news is that the game is completely free, and the existing donation does not affect the overall gameplay.

There are many types of weapons in the arsenal of the game, each of which is drawn in detail. The advantage of Critical Ops over other mobile shooters is noticeable in the detailing of game locations (maps). Sound design leaves pleasant emotions during the game.

Critical Ops gameplay

The first thing a newcomer user needs to know is the lack of a health recovery function. The outcome of the battle depends on the ability of everyone to adapt to the situation, survive and become a winner. Everything needs to be responded to quickly and immediately.

You can play for two sides – terrorists and special forces. The terrorists are holding hostages, and the special forces are trying to free them. In the round where the terrorists must attack, their task is to mine the bomb on the enemy location. There are several characters for each side to choose from.

Each player has the same amount of money to spend on weapons, ammo and ammunition. Similar economy mechanics are incorporated in Counter-Strike.

There will be more money in each round. Everything depends on you. How skillfully you kill enemies or shoot bombs.

As for the modes, they repeat their computer predecessor CS. Here in each round there is a configurable number of minutes, depending on the mode. For example, if you need to defuse a bomb, it will take more time. The feeling of something new comes from the fact that it all happens on a smartphone.

A few tips for those who are starting to play Critical Ops:

Try to choose the best weapon for yourself as quickly as possible.
Do not pick up other players’ weapons. Be the best by using your permanent weapons that you are used to.
Do not stand still, constantly move, jump, squat. A stationary target is easy to hit.
Focus on the radar, but don’t forget to look ahead. The radar will tell you the direction of the firefight.
Stick to your tactics. Do not leave her even in a hopeless situation.
Critical Ops Management
In terms of management, there are no novelties or surprises. Predictably, on the left side of the display is a virtual joystick for the direction of movement. The camera is rotated using finger movements anywhere on the screen.

Difficulties arise in adapting to control, because you need to use all three keys at the same time. It is difficult to have time to do everything, so it causes discomfort.  To make this easier, the scope automatically locks on to a target when hovering near it. The function was created on the principle of consoles, where the situation is similar with aiming.

Critical Ops: donate

The system for investing real money in the game is quite simple. Monetization in Critical Ops is similar to the same Counter-Strike. The user buys chests with real money and opens them. The chests contain skins of various levels. It’s simple – the more expensive the box, the more valuable the skin in it.

It is quite possible to play without real money investments. This is a full-fledged mobile shooter that you can play completely free of charge and feel no worse than those gamers who use donations.

Critical Ops: advantages and disadvantages

The project is at the beginning of its journey. From time to time, new updates are released that improve the game. The overall impression is influenced by the outdated original. I would like to add new modes, fresh maps, personal leveling to the game. Like any game, the Critical Ops shooter has its advantages and disadvantages.


The mobile project of the well-known Counter-Strike is an opportunity to play your favorite shooter on your smartphone or tablet anywhere. Critical Ops attracts with multiplayer, the opportunity to show their tactics. The developers are trying hard to stop all attempts of cheating. Suspicious users are immediately blocked. This is a big plus for the team of game specialists.

And this is wonderful – unlike many imitators of “Kae’s”, Critical Ops copies not only the letter of the original, but also the spirit. For example, an adrenaline-fueled action: machine-gun bursts open the plaster, the casing flies in different directions, the shells dance on the floor, and a lethal “tram-ta-ta” comes from the speakers. No matter how strange it may sound now, killing here is an extremely pleasant experience: when a headshot flies across the map into someone else’s head, inspiring warmth spreads through the body.

This ringing sense of responsibility has not gone anywhere, when the whole team lay down, you and an incomprehensible citizen remained on the other side of the barricades. You literally feel with your skin – everyone is looking at you, don’t let me down! And if you don’t fail.

a tub of incomprehensible happiness and some kind of downright military pride pours on your head – dragged it, handsome! And if you play Critical Ops not just with a bunch of strangers, but also with a minimally played company, the mobile analogue of Counter-Strike will give a sense of comradeship no less than its progenitor. One is walking, the second is covering, the third is “herding” the space into the optical sight, the fourth is fooling around …