Far away in 2003… The alien city of Kharkov The month of December and the snow quietly falling outside the window… Two pairs of eyes look at the monitor, sipping beer, where a crowd of six people led by the brave plumber Chris Stone is trying to overthrow the totalitarian regime , fallen like snow in mid-May, on the heads of American inhabitants.

That was my first acquaintance with the game, which left an indelible mark on my soul and unforgettable impressions and opened the genre of “tactical action movie” for me. I’ll probably never forget how, out of ignorance, I tried to get to the prison where the leader of the resistance is being held, without thinking that it would be nice to blow up the helipad to hell. Thus, getting rid of the annoying helicopter, which killed almost half of the fighters. Perhaps I experienced something similar when I played Deus Ex, but that’s a completely different story =)

Do you feel sorry for cranberry juice?)

What feeling does a game / film / book evoke in you, in which there is clearly a “cranberry” – formidable guys in hats with earflaps, RE-punishing, like the Magyars; Soviet Union, etc.? Personally, it makes me smile, if not laugh wildly =) The presence of such a thing can offend someone. Something I digress…

The game Freedom Fighters has a purely “cranberry” plot – the Unbreakable Union spreads its influence, gradually approaching the USA. The whole process takes 57 years – from the moment the atomic bomb was dropped on Berlin in 1945 and ending with the attempt on the life of the President of the United States in 2002. Only bears are missing (although maybe I just didn’t find them?)).

Naturally, there are people who disagree with the current state of affairs. They create various rebel groups. In the game, everything revolves around a resistance group called “Warning against the Reds” (“Warning against Reds”), led by a beautiful, Komsomol member and simply smart woman Isabella Angelina =)

As mentioned above, our alter ego is an ordinary plumber who, by the will of fate, found himself drawn into the confrontation between the totalitarian machine and freedom-loving Americans. One fine day, he and his brother had to go home to this same Isabella – something happened to her plumbing there. But instead of quickly fulfilling the order, which might have been followed by drinking low-alcohol alcoholic drinks with chips in front of the TV, the brothers were up to their ears in … what they often solve problems with) During a small brawl, the brother (Troy Stone) is taken away by evil guys to hats with earflaps on a helicopter, and our alter ego gets into resistance.

The plot, as is already clear from the introduction, is replete with all sorts of clichés and, therefore, does not differ in originality, but somehow you don’t really notice this behind the hurricane of the gameplay. Especially if you turn off the brain, i.e. not really, but just not trying to predict what will happen next =).

We will go, we will rush on deer in the early morning …

I will say right away – the gameplay does not shine with versatility. At first glance, at least. We run through the level – at first alone, then as we progress through the story, we can collect up to twelve bobbleheads. The number of wards is affected by the level of charisma, which directly depends on our actions: if we share a first-aid kit with the wounded, we can take one more fighter with us on a hike. Drive into minuses for no reason (even if you shoot your companions =)). As a rule, in all tasks, the main task is to raise the banner over the key building.

You just get used to this state of affairs, as the game makes a feint with its ears and your alter ego is sent alone to eliminate the main villain named Tamarin =). The game abruptly turns into a kind of games about a bald-with-barcode (albeit without a noose). We have to get past the patrols across the entire island to the tower and shoot the villain with a shot from a sniper rifle. By the way, we will return to this island again. But already with a dozen or two fighters, bullets will whistle over their heads and we will have to jump on ice floes like hares.

Management is simple. In addition to the standard shooting / movement keys, only 3 (three) buttons are used to control the fighters. It’s just that silicon bobbleheads like to take cover from the wrong side, exposing their rears to the bullets of opponents, but these are trifles =)

The game is divided into stages, in each stage there are about three locations. The order of clearing locations can make your life easier/complicated. If you do not worry about the helipad – a helicopter will constantly hover over your head and pour plumbing and co. with lead. To blow up the helipad, you need explosives, which are located in the third location and in which a helicopter is circling overhead =). Fortunately, the hero can slip out of the battlefield through the sewer manholes to reconsider his actions and strike at another location.

The hero’s arsenal also does not shine – Pistol, submachine gun, sniper rifle, Molotov cocktail, grenade, wrench and all (although I may have missed something). But this seems to be enough.

The game itself pushes us to action. Sitting behind cover and shooting at the enemy is very tedious and ineffective – the spread of the weapon is not weak. At first it creates some difficulties, but then you get used to it and life becomes easier. Therefore, we take strong guys, girls (yes, the female gender is also actively involved in hostilities) and go to fight the ass … the rear of the enemy =)