Rogue Trooper Redux Game Review

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Remasters of past hits have firmly established themselves in the modern gaming industry, we are used to them, and it seems that no announcements can surprise us anymore. But the British studio Rebellion did it anyway! They decided to update and re-release the Rogue Trooper, which even eleven years ago, in the year of release, was at least original in places, but still average. Some gamers were delighted with such an announcement.

while others predicted a complete failure for the remaster. My opinion was somewhere in the middle: I did not care about the new version, even though I once went through the original on the PC. But even here Rebellion found something to surprise: it turned out that Rogue Trooper Redux is now a little less relevant than its predecessor back in 2006. Even some recognized hits become much more obsolete in ten years, although this in itself does not mean that I advise someone to play this remaster.

What happened?

Rogue Trooper is based on the comic book series of the same name that has been out for more than thirty-five years, and therefore the developers had a well-thought-out world with a number of interesting ideas at their disposal. The game quickly brings us up to date: there is a New Earth.

for power over which the descendants of the humanity we know are waging a desperate struggle. The war-ravaged planet is no longer habitable, but is located in such an important place from the point of view of strategy and economy that no one is ready to retreat. Conditional northerners are distinguished by the intelligence of their generals and huge reserves of loyal soldiers. The last hope of the suffering southerners is clones, genetically modified warriors who, in a year and a half.

The plot and world of Rogue Trooper are full of interesting details. The northerners speak with a strong Russian accent and shoot bright propaganda videos in which they call for the merciless extermination of genetically modified “creatures”, as well as all other southerners. At the same time.

as in any war, it cannot do without violating all conceivable norms of murderers, scumbags and other traitors, whose names the player will probably want to know as soon as possible. But the best idea of ​​all – biochips, thanks to which even death does not save genetically modified blue soldiers from war. If the chip was saved,

And it would be nice if the intellects of the biochips simply scratched with their virtual tongues, so they also noticeably help in battle. The backpack recycles any rubbish collected from corpses or found in caches – if the player is attentive and reasonable, he will never be left without cartridges.

grenades and medicines that can be created by pressing “pause” right in the battle. The sentient rifle itself highlights the weak points of opponents – the head and explosive breathing system – and is also able to turn into a very effective turret. Leaving a partner imprisoned in a piece of iron and henceforth invulnerable to deal with a crowd of opponents, and hiding around a corner yourself is a completely common thing. There are many benefits from a smart helmet: it not only breaks into terminals and doors, but is also responsible for the radar and, if necessary, creates holograms with which you can deceive an enemy sniper in a critical situation. Separately, these details do not pull on the role of innovation and do not affect the gameplay too much.

What has changed?

Memory is a tricky thing, and after the first acquaintance with the Rogue Trooper Redux, it seems that nothing has changed in the updated version, except for the resolution. But comparative videos make it clear that the psyche was just trying to protect itself from unnecessary injuries: the original is now scary to look at.

and I understand why it didn’t impress me at the time. For the remaster, the developers completely redrawn the models of the main characters – so that without a hint they might not be recognized. Vehicles and guns are also completely new, and many other objects have been given details and edges to achieve more complex and attractive shapes. The lighting has also changed, so it’s a big step forward in total. The problem is that Rogue Trooper

Among other things, Rebellion claims to have redone the “smart cover” system, but the result can only be called “stupid”, and I struggle to imagine how terrible this game mechanic was before, if it is crooked and bad even now. The main character sticks to the covers automatically, one has only to approach them and push the stick forward, but he does this selectively, not every time. And even if you hid, this does not guarantee that they will not be able to hit you – the real physical parameters of the objects here are clearly different from what the player sees.

I’ve fired a burst at the concrete block of cover many times, even though I’ve leaned out of it and aimed at the enemies. And vice versa: sometimes you can easily kill a sniper, sitting in the very trench where he hid from the attentive enemy eyes – without protruding at all. To put it simply, the cover system in Rogue Trooper Redux works like hell, though that’s not surprising given the year the original game was released. Getting used to all these problems and learning how to survive is quite simple.

What happened?

As you might have guessed, Rogue Trooper Redux is a typical cover shooter that stands out only for the setting and the fact that it was made many years ago, when few knew how to work in this genre. Most often, you have to shoot from a regular rifle, periodically switching it to sniper mode, which requires special cartridges. Here you can zoom in on the sight and turn on the automatic stabilization system – a kind of analogue of holding your breath so that the barrel does not dance. In addition,