Dead Effect 2 Game Review

The Delta Force 13 soldier who killed the mad Professor Wagner wakes up again after cryosleep on the Meridian space station. This time in 2083, and worst of all, he is going to be brought to Earth and tried for many crimes. But a beautiful stranger who introduces herself as Danette helps him escape and offers to follow her plan to survive on a ship full of zombies and soldiers.

Work on mistakes

I already wrote about the first part of this game. Then Dead Effect gave the impression of a mediocre shooter for several hours of passage. Having seen the second part, I was preparing to continue the same shooting of the living dead, but it turned out that the developers diversified the process, though not very much.

To be continued

The plot of Dead Effect 2 is a bit more interesting than its predecessor. Danette, created by Wagner to help with research, hates her creator, but at the same time she is distinguished by the same cruelty towards obstacles in her path. She wants to free the ship from the monsters and the military, fly to the planet Tau Seta and take on the original mission of the expedition – the colonization of new territory.


To put the plan into practice, she needed a former commando. Moreover, the story suddenly ends without explanation. After the next task, Danette says that everyone still has a lot to do, but now they need to rest. This is where the story ends, despite the fact that the PC version was released six months after the release on mobile platforms. I can only assume that the authors are tired of coming up with a further development of the plot, or in this way they wanted to hint at the release of the continuation.

Another member of the team

Gunnar Davis and Jane Frey, known for the first part of the game, were joined by melee weapon specialist Kay Rayner. And just like in Dead Effect, the selected character will differ only in the hand model and voice acting. The choice of abilities and weapons is up to the player, so a brief description of the character is more like advice on game tactics.

Judging by the way my hands itch, something mindless is coming! © game hero

Story missions are not difficult. The former commando will have to fulfill Danette’s orders to save the people she needs, gain access to classified data and, of course, shoot the living dead or soldiers who interfere with the task. In addition, the action takes place in the same type of corridors, all locations are similar to each other, with the exception of the garden that supplies the station with oxygen.

It’s not me that’s trapped with you, it’s you that’s trapped with me! © game hero

There are many more additional tasks and they are of several types:

General tasks. As a rule, this is the collection of objects, hacking information systems or tightening the valves of gas pipes.
biothreat mode. It is necessary to withstand several attacks of the enemy, coming with short breaks.
survival mode.

It is required to stay alive for a certain amount of time, while destroying as many monsters as possible.
Quests of the lone wolf. In them, the main task is to turn off the security system and defeat the cyber ninja, but before that you need to kill several military men who prevent you from going to the control center.
Infection. Extermination of crowds of monsters in order to kill the most powerful zombie in the final.

Deadly toys galore

Armor, implants and weapons, depending on the power, are divided into normal, rare, legendary and mythical. Everyone can find something to their taste. Dead Effect 2 has a large selection of knives, swords, bows, crossbows, pistols, shotguns, rifles, plasma weapons, grenade launchers, and more. But there is a minus in this diversity: many copies differ only in model, in other characteristics they are identical.

Patience and striving for the goal

With each new level of development, the character gets access to more powerful weapons, implants and armor, however, and the prices of goods grow. To level up faster, it is preferable to complete additional tasks, especially since the number of their passages is unlimited, so reaching the maximum level 20 and earning enough credits to buy better ammunition is not so difficult.

It all depends on the platform

Graphics and physics remained almost the same as in the first part of the game. All the same liters of blood on the screen, grenade explosions that stop time, and unnaturally falling, instantly disappearing bodies. As usual, what looks good on mobile platforms is long out of date on PC. All this despite the fact that the Unity engine was used. The sound effects make the loudspeakers quieter, as the rumble from the almost incessant gunshots and explosions gets boring quickly.