The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PS4 Game Review

The Witcher 3 is the game I’ve been waiting for. Even though I had never played the series, I knew that this one would be head and shoulders above the previous ones, and the past ones were, according to experts, simply amazing. With the advent of NexGen technology, all games have improved in terms of graphics, but so that the plot is good – there are not many such games.

I was madly waiting for this moment, and the day before the game was supposed to arrive, I received an SMS notification that the game had already arrived! Of course, I took off and flew to ONLINE TRADE.RU. At times like these, I just love this chain of stores! Came home and started unpacking. The content made me happy.

I understand that not being a fan of the series, I underestimate all these bonuses, but perhaps you will find this really valuable, because the things are still collectible. Here’s what I found in the package: a couple of interesting brochures, a large and roomy map of the Witcher 3 game (which I even had to use once, oddly enough).

a sticker with a picture of a wolf school medallion, and a CD with the game’s soundtrack, which for me it was one of the most joyful moments at that time, because the musical content of the game is of course incomparable and I listened to this disc to the holes. I’ll post you a photo with the names of the songs that are on the disk, so that you can be inspired and buy yourself the same.

This is where I realized what the whole point of The Witcher 3 is – of course the plot. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics and dynamics are great too, but the story is what makes it worth playing. And not only about the main branch of the plot I’m talking about. I’m talking about all missions.

The game is simply unique in that just when you are going to go through an additional mission, consisting simply of a duel with one monster, you, in the course of dialogues, messages and letters found, immerse yourself in a piece of someone’s life, which is revealed in its comedy or tragedy right before your eyes. It’s just brilliant!

I have had this game for a couple of months now and it happened that I had to abandon it for some time due to another project, but even better, I stopped playing it not saturated, switched to another and after returning I realized one thing – I I miss this game, this world, and at the same time I have not passed it yet.

I can continue to know it and enjoy it! I continued to play with pleasure and have not passed it until now, because I read almost every note and every book that I find in the game, I absorb all the content without a trace. And what do you think? I will pass it and I will not be interested because I already know everything there thoroughly?

It wasn’t there! Dialogues force you to constantly choose between two or even three scenarios, the game has officially several endings and, in my opinion, I read somewhere that a couple of dozen states of the Witcher 3 universe, which changes depending on what decisions you make in any given moment in the game.

I just want you to understand the whole global nature of the world, the full power of the project and all the colors of emotions with which I am overwhelmed. So, that’s not all. At the moment of writing this article, one and not the last update has been released, which adds 10 hours of content to the game. That is, even those who have already completed the Witcher will receive new emotions right now! This is amazing to me, although additional downloadable content is far from new for today’s games.

I can not leave you without video material on the game. So that you do not suspect that I was preparing something there, I picked some special moment interesting for the video.

I will warn you right away. I just opened a game that I couldn’t play for a week because of work, I ended up in the world of the Witcher, I don’t even remember in which location, I’m not doing any mission in the video at the moment, but I’m just standing somewhere in the middle of the map and… Well, in general, see for yourself

In the end, I want to say one thing – I was not a fan of the Witcher universe, but after I played this game and felt the full power of the plot, I decided one thing for myself – I will definitely read the entire series of books about the Witcher.