In the summer of 2012, a Czech company with a creepy name MADFINGER released Dead Trigger, a zombie shooter for Android and iOS. The project was unique: despite the high quality of execution, the game subsequently became free, and without intrusive donation, as a result, it became widespread, becoming one of the main sensations and the best games of the year. Naturally, the second part was eagerly awaited. Did the developer keep the bar?

In 2004, the zombie-horror films Resident Evil and 28 Days Later appeared on world screens, becoming somewhat of a cult. The second of them, filmed by Danny Boyle himself, in addition to discovering such an actor as Cillian Murphy, made a kind of revolution in zombie culture, introducing a new type of “living dead” – “rabid”, at the same time giving a new impetus to the subculture itself as a whole.

Subsequently, we could meet such zombies in many films, books, games, and in 2012 the turn came to mobile devices. The first pancake, as already mentioned, did not come out lumpy, but was quite tasty even without caviar, so the second was awaited with great appetite. The night of October 23-24 became sleepless for many. Finally, we waited.


… The remnants of humanity continue to resist the virus. Among the survivors is a group of Americans, which includes: a scientist, a gunsmith, a medic (the only woman), a smuggler, an engineer and … you! Yes, brother, it is you! Actually, the unification of these personalities into a single team, by and large, is devoted to the American part of the game.

Having liberated part of the east coast, the “dream team” gets out of America to Africa, responding to the radio message of the Resistance Headquarters (you can return here, since four missions will always be available for passing here).

Here, de facto, the real game begins! If the American campaign was made, rather, for familiarization, then the African one is a real hard struggle for survival. You can continue to follow the main storyline, look for answers to questions, or you can participate in the liberation of African, Chinese, American, European cities.

There is also a positive point: after installing and launching the game, you can not create a new profile for the game, but enter an existing one, if you have one.


If we don’t fight, we sit in a shelter. Perhaps it is worth talking more about the members of the “magnificent six”.

Gunsmith. Produces and upgrades weapons. Blueprints are needed to produce new weapons, fragments sometimes fly out of killed bosses. However, of course, they can be bought for gold – a particularly valuable currency in this game.
Medic. Makes various medicines that can be used during the game.

Engineer. Crazy inventor of unique mechanisms for killing zombies: mines, grenades, automatic turrets, exploding chickens… John Kramer nervously smokes on the sidelines. Naturally, you must first find the drawings.
Smuggler. He can get things for you for gold, which greatly facilitate the passage of the game.

Scientist. He’s in charge here. All heroes need to be improved in order to unlock more skills and increase their efficiency, while the level of each of them cannot be higher than the level of a scientist.
Actually, the main character. Accumulating experience in battles, you increase the level of the hero (at the same time, with each level you reach, the zombies become stronger).


As in the first part, the range is very large. True, it is much more difficult to get access to it: first you need to collect all the fragments of the drawing, and then entrust the production to a gunsmith or engineer. However, for participating in the liberation of cities, they are rewarded with gifts, and it doesn’t matter if you have a blueprint or not.

As in the first game, these are all sorts of zombies. Most are ordinary, relatively weak “zika”, but they should not be underestimated. The movement speed has increased compared to the first part, so you will have to react faster. The appearance of privates depends on the continent: African zombies, European zombies, Chinese zombies are different from each other.

In addition to the privates, there are also bosses. As it is easy to guess, if the former are taken primarily by quantity, the latter by quality. Dealing with them, if there is no barrel nearby, is a very difficult task, because they deal a fair amount of damage, and their health is strong.

Bosses differ from the rank and file and from each other not only in appearance, but also in the way they deal damage: one explodes, the other spits, the third is worn, as if before death, an awl was inserted in one place, knocking everything in its path, the fourth emits radiation, and the fifth one just comes up and knocks out all the bad and good that is in the body of your hero.

Mission types

Many of them are familiar to us from the first part, such as Asselt (clearing the territory), operations (completing tasks) or supply-run (delivering boxes to their destination). Of the greatest interest are the new types: escort and sentinel (the Arena, which appeared in one of the updates, where you just need to kill while you are alive, also stands apart).

Escort (escort). You need to escort a certain VIP to a designated point. At the same time, the character with whom you will pass the level cannot be called a defenseless “child”, he himself is able to rebuff the “seeks”, at the same time distracting them from you.  By the way, the appearance of this mode gave rise to rumors about the presence of multiplayer, which remained rumors. Well, we are waiting, we hope, we believe that someday, preferably in the near future, it will appear.