best games for smartphones and tablets

At the end of 2021, the smartphone finally ceased to be a “shameful” gaming platform. Yes, mobile phones fall short of PCs and consoles, including due to the limited choice. But it only seems. Already, this market has hundreds and even thousands of worthy games, some of which are released by eminent developers.

We tried to collect the most notable, high-quality and interesting games that you can play before going to bed or during your commute to work.

Important: no match-3 titles or crap that wants to suck your money instead of bringing you pleasure.

Inked: A Tale of Love (iOS, Android)

Incredibly stylish puzzle, the plot of which is dedicated to love and redemption.  Inked is distinguished by its appearance: the whole game seems to be drawn with a ballpoint pen. Approximately the one with which we drew crosses in the margins of a notebook when we were at school.

World of Demons (iOS via Apple Arcade)

Third-person action by Platinum Games.  She released Bayoneted, Vanquish, Nir: Automata and other titles. Not surprisingly, the team’s debut mobile title also offers a player with style to destroy opponents. This time – Japanese Yochai demons, which the main character can capture and summon during the battle with other monsters.

Sayonara Wild Hearts (iOS via Apple Arcade)

The Apple Arcade exclusive eventually made its way to older platforms but ignored Android. It looks like a normal third-person runner in which the player goes around obstacles and collects points on the level. The game feels special thanks to the colorful visual style. Each level is perceived as if you are looking at a smartphone through a brand new kaleidoscope.

The Pathless (iOS via Apple Arcade)

Another runner, where the main character was the Huntress – a girl with a bow, as well as her hand eagle. The player not only sets the direction for the character, but also selects targets.  Then the heroine will speed up and the music will hit the right beat. Yes, The Pathless has to be played to the beat to be beautiful.

Skate City (iOS via Apple Arcade)

A well-made street skateboarding simulator. The game has very simple controls. To perform tricks, just swipe across the screen in the right direction. During the passage, you have to complete simple goals, but they are all related to tricks on the board.

Ocean horn 2 (iOS via Apple Arcade)

The flagship of Apple Arcade. It’s a big enough third-person game that was quickly dubbed a “cheap clone of The Legend of Zelda”. The player will have to take control of the local Link and go to explore the big world and solve puzzles, as well as fight monsters and bosses.

Monument Valley (iOS, Android)

Another puzzle about moving from point A to point B, but this time the player moves through tricky structures. To make the path easier for the main character, you can rotate or move various objects and entire buildings.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (iOS, Android)

Let’s not stray far from the MOBA genre. Even before the release of Wild Rift, fans of the genre had very little entertainment on smartphones, and Mobile Legends is one of them. And at the same time, the game cannot be called a clone, it has many of its own mechanics and unique pieces that are not in the work of Riot Games.

Raid: Shadow Legends (iOS, Android)

A very beautiful grind in which the player upgrades the character and participates in turn-based battles. During the battle, you can use superpowers and even combine them into combinations. The character is pumped both with an increase in the level and with the appearance of unique items.

Gentian Impact (iOS, Android)

Gentian Impact is a typical Asian gauche. In this genre, the player collects various characters from loot boxes and upgrades them.  There is already so much content like quests or dungeons that you can get stuck for tens or even hundreds of hours. The local combat system, based on combining the abilities of different heroes, does not let you get bored.

Hearthstone (iOS, Android)

Who does not know about HS? A simple game with favorite characters from the Warcraft universe and a lot of content, which is also regularly updated. In December, the TCG will receive a major addition “Divided by Altera”, which is dedicated to the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance.

Legends of Sunterra (iOS, Android)

League of Legends fans will love this card game, as you can place Draven or Teem on the board. Each hero card has its own unique abilities, which are also pumped over the course of the game. The gameplay is roughly similar to Hearthstone, but with a difference – each player has two active fields, which opens up additional scope for tactics.

Grindstone (iOS via Apple Arcade)

This is the same “three in a row” that we mentioned at the beginning. However, here the concept that has already bothered everyone is simply pulled out by game design, setting and entourage. The player becomes a powerful warrior who goes to destroy the monsters approaching his native settlement. To pass the level, you need to cut a certain number of monsters of the same color and at the same time not fall under the blow of aggressive opponents or thugs. Addictive and simple gameplay has made Grindstone a must-have iPhone app for any game fan.