Wrestling is not something exclusively sports. Despite the common points of contact, he captures and continues to hold a different audience, while using an individually developed set of techniques. From the show you always expect scope, pomp and exciting twists and turns. In a well-developed competitive environment.

these elements are sometimes, unfortunately, able to fade into the background. In wrestling, entertainment is the cornerstone of performance. For the big producers, there is nothing more important here than to show the audience the most exciting and beautifully staged performance. First of all, it is artistic interest, and only then – sports.

I think that it should not be similar to the original source. What’s the point of trying to replicate a performance when you can create one with everything you need and more. After all, wrestling in itself is already a game, a bright fiction that is interesting to watch.

to let fantasies fly, to go beyond the ring. I really don’t want to whine now about the reason that the game is not what it is not, but at the same time, it’s damn annoying that WWE 2k18 is nothing less than a wrestling simulator, and not a pro game at all. I think it’s strange. At some moments, it even begins to seem that there is some kind of self-irony here, but you soon realize: no, this is a licensed game, everything is correct.

The gameplay in WWE 2k18, in addition to the fights, also includes various goodies, such as promotional speeches or a crowd excitement system. All this dilutes the action well and makes it more interesting, but the main thing is still fights. They don’t quite fit the general definition of a fighting game, and are designed primarily in a vein that is closest to the show that one would see in the ring in the new season of SmackDown. In the intervals between savory duplexes.

roundhouses and captures, the action is diluted with ridicule, flirting with the audience and boundless pathos. The process is actually difficult to call sports. A minimum of a battle of wits, a maximum of random factors for the sake of entertainment and excitement. WWE 2k18 is really a good game of its kind – it’s quite fun, but in the very notion that it will be interesting to play it without delving into it, with a light mood and on the same couch with close friends.

However, the features of the game mechanics and its positive aspects do not justify the shortcomings that come with the kit. For all the fun of the process, its “accident” is not at all encouraging if you want to prove your superiority to someone (after all, everyone knows that video games were invented for this, right?). No timer – and it’s kind of funny when you don’t know if the match will last for 10 minutes or end on the first.

in a fight there is almost no room for guesswork and opportunities to play around, outwit an opponent. Instead, the complexity and skill requirements of the player are artificially inflated through mini-games. Approximately how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors, only without the “rock”. It’s not very interesting. The key mechanics are reversals. Before each enemy attack, there is a very short period of time during which you need to have time to press a specially designated button in order to dodge beautifully.

or parry the attack and thereby end its turn. The window for this is quite small, besides, the moment at which you need to make a reversal is very poorly conveyed by animation.

which turns it into a kind of reaction exercise and does not allow the battle to be reduced to an alternate exchange of cuffs. In general, WWE 2k18’s gameplay doesn’t indulge in too many opportunities for self-expression. Characters vary in basic archetypes: there are agile tricksters, brawlers, showmen, and unscrupulous brawlers. The key elements that a fighter relies on vary, but in essence this does not have a significant impact on the course of the fight.

Externally, WWE 2k18 does not pull the bar of the modern generation, it definitely does not look like a project of 2017, although it would seem. It is worth immediately paying tribute, the entry of fighters and the arena look very cool.  Unnatural lighting, sometimes strange move animations and creepy facial animations.

The whole process looks rather awkward with regular sagging frames and tearing the picture. Plus, loading screens are too annoying and long for a modern game. In general, the graphics of the game seem to be stuck somewhere in the last decade, and most of the WWE superstars look like the result of fan work in the character editor. It seemed to me that today they are added to the game by scanning the face, and it should look at least believable.

WWE 2k18 has enough modes to keep you busy. In addition to singleplayer, couch multiplayer and online mode, there is also Career with some semblance of a story, where you can create your own star and move up the WWE career ladder, as well as WWE Universe, a mode built on the TV show format.

with its own schedule and scheduled events for each day. If desired, there is always something to do here, however, even with an abundance of side tasks, the repetitiveness of the available activities quickly begins to affect. The variety here is more likely to distract the player, rather than entertain him for a significant amount of time.

All in all, WWE 2k18 pretty clearly reflects the situation of video game wrestling in general. The series under the auspices of 2K and WWE continues to be released at intervals of the year, correcting and refining the established formula. The problem is that almost nothing has changed over the past 10 years, and many long-existing chips are presented as innovations. In general.