Top 5 mobile games

We regularly release mobile games that are gaining worldwide popularity. And these are not only casual projects, but also large and complex games, the development of which requires serious investments.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Four and a half stars and over fifty million downloads on the Play Market. Last Day on Earth is an online action game about survival after a zombie apocalypse, a super hit from the Kefir studio. Do you like hardcore, do you like to be “just” a person in games, weak, but smart? Love Moreover, in the game itself, it is practically not present. Something can be read on the load into build, hunt and slash zombies? So you will love this game!

g screens, something in the official materials about the game. So, the year 2027, an outbreak of a hitherto unknown infection has destroyed most of the Earth’s population and turned the dead into zombies. There are few survivors who have immunity to infection in their blood, and they do not particularly get along with each other. This is the end of the game.

From the very first seconds you are forced to act actively. You start the game literally in your underwear, your house is surrounded by crowds of zombies, you can’t hesitate – you urgently need to find clothes, weapons, food. In Last Day on Earth, in order to stay alive, the player must explore the surrounding territories.

penetrate the bases of other players and organize the defense of their base, constantly monitor the scales of hunger and thirst. You will have to make a lot of everything that comes to hand, build traps, fortifications, repair vehicles and even plant gardens. Different types of zombies, wild animals, equally wild online players and constant game events will not let you get bored. Forget about well-fed calmness!

For those who do not like post-apocalypse, but who like survival and crafting, Kefir studio has released another game: Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival. This game is almost a copy of Last Day on Earth, but the action takes place in a fantasy world.

Space Rangers: Legacy

Adaptation for mobile platforms of the cult role-playing game. Not just a transfer, but a new part! New plot, new quests – old mechanics. If you’re a Rangers fan – this game is made for you, if you’ve never heard of them – Legacy is a good place to get familiar with the franchise.
You again have to fight with the dominators – a semi-intelligent form of cyberlife that attacked the inhabitants of the universe.

But the game will not force you to go through the main quest right away, you are free to concentrate on additional tasks. Quests in Legacy are non-linear, they can be completed in different ways: the passage depends on the race, class and direction of the hero’s leveling. You can become an ideal hero or a highwayman, a merchant or a diplomat. While you deliver packages, rob, trade, fight, the game world will change: the government you worked for can be overthrown, the character can be killed. The final game is up to you.

The battles in the game are cosmic turn-based (unfortunately, there are no battles on the planets in Legacy). Upgrade your ship, create a powerful balanced team – and no one can stop you. The world of “Space Rangers” is waiting for the explorer!

War robots

Already old (released in 2015), but still a popular multiplayer action game developed by Peconic. You control a combat robot, in a team of six people you fight with an enemy team – isn’t that all you need to be happy? Fifty million people who downloaded this game in the Play Market could not be wrong!
Their power, mobility and striking power are pumped. In addition, fifty types of weapons of three categories are available in the game: ballistic, energy, plasma. By combining models of robots and weapons, create a machine for yourself: it will suit your style of play. Do you like to be in the forefront or, on the contrary, bypass enemies from the back – there is a suitable model for you.

Due to the popularity of War robots, you won’t have to wait long to recruit players. Online battles are constantly going on. The graphics of the game, of course, does not strike the imagination (the age of the game affects), however, it does not repel. Fortunately, the game is constantly updated. The robots are detailed, the drawing range allows you to see even a far distant enemy. It is convenient to control robots. So – boldly into battle, into the thick of the war of robots!

Age of magic

Age of magic is a fantasy RPG made according to all the canons of the genre. Here you have a well-developed world, and a developed system of races, classes, heroes, and the struggle of Light and Darkness, and the eternal question – a sword or magic? Everything is as it should be!
The main plot of the game tells the story of Roland – the True Mage.

In order to save the world, he goes on a journey to the Dark Tower (a clear reference to the famous novel cycle). Along the way, Roland gathers a team of heroes.  An additional plot (“Dark Side”) tells about the hired killer Shahrazad. He chases after Roland, having his own motives at first hidden from the player. Heroes need to be pumped, equipped with things, keeping an eye on the balance within the team. Not all battles in Age of magic are an easy walk, sometimes you have to “sweat”, thinking about tactics and subsequent moves. PvP mode will give you the opportunity to test your team in battles with other players.

Visually, the game is amazing! The reason for this is not only the high quality of graphics, but also the style of the game itself, imbued with the spirit of adventure and magic. In general, for all fans of role-playing games, turn-based battles and saving the world, Age of magic is a must-read.