Bubble Witch 3 Saga Game Review

The Match 3 subgenre can proudly boast of being one of the oldest game concepts that is still very popular today. If earlier gamers were content with only the simplest gameplay, which included only the passage of a large number of stages, today it is increasingly possible to meet with full-fledged story stories, admixtures of other game genres and so on.

The bias of the developers of puzzles in a row in a story gave a new life to the genre, thanks to which such projects began to be downloaded more willingly and more often. There was a time when every second studio wanted to release such a puzzle, and the development studio King did not stand aside.

Her offspring called Bubble Witch Saga 3 surprised players with a good story, colorful characters and levels that offer users a fairly optimal difficulty. If you are a devoted fan of the match-three concept, then be sure to pay attention to these ways to download Bubble Witch 3 Saga on PC.

This developer has been producing applications related to the aforementioned genre for many years. About two dozen of them have already accumulated here, which speaks of the high professionalism and vast experience of the studio. Bubble Witch Saga 3 is a relatively recent project.

The popularity of the Match 3 subgenre has become its bane. The fact is that the studios quickly noticed the incredible interest of users, which led to the release of hundreds of the same type of projects that allow you to collect objects in rows and spend a lot of real money on restoring health or energy. This led to competition, where it was almost impossible to discern really worthwhile things among frankly passing and second-rate projects.

The reviewed product was helped in this regard by the Play Market, which awarded Bubble Witch Saga 3 with the title of Editors’ Choice. This brought the game to the top, where it was located far above its direct competitors. Although the toy is already more than three years old, it is still ready to offer its fans a lot of interesting mini-modes,

thousands of unique levels and much more. If you look at the statistics of the application, it becomes clear that the number of downloads here exceeds the fifty million mark. Almost two and a half million gamers commented on the brainchild of the developer. The positive nature of most of the reviews led the game to a rating of 4.6 points.

The plot component of this project will surprise you only with its plot, but then the development of the story will take place very, very slowly. The main character of the project is the good witch Stella, whom the forest dwellers asked for help. The fact is that an evil cat named Wilmer raged in the forest.

He encloses defenseless forest inhabitants in magical bubbles, from which they can no longer get out on their own. The main character decided to help the poor little animals, which was the beginning of a long adventure.  Each level here will offer you to complete some task, which will be indicated at the very beginning of the stage.  If you can hit a group of identical balls, they will burst, providing you with bonuses or freeing the animals. It is worth immediately warning you that the number of levels here exceeds the mark of several thousand.

You might think that the project in question offers you a full-fledged campaign with several thousand levels, but this is not entirely true. There is a classic artificial stretching of the campaign here, which implies the addition of a huge number of levels of the same type. They will not introduce you to new characters, develop the storyline, and so on. If the first eight hundred levels can still be considered unique and interesting, then the simplest sequence of stages will await you next.

For construction, you must pay with stardust, which is obtained in the process of completing levels or for visiting the homes of your friends.

In the application in question, you will meet with hit points that will melt before your eyes if you meet with any difficult level.  Here you will constantly be offered to purchase a wide variety of in-game currency at the best prices.

This project was focused on the youngest players, so there will be no difficulties with management. All you have to do is choose the trajectory of the ball to reach the desired destination. Although the mechanics are quite convenient, but the touch screens of some smartphones are not friendly with such controls, as mentioned in user reviews. If you do not want to face possible technical problems, it is recommended to play Bubble Witch Saga 3 on a computer using a mouse. It is important to highlight such positive aspects of the product:

interesting story and bright characters;
thousands of different levels;
the ability to interact with their comrades;
construction of a fairy house.