PUBG Mobile Lite is a simplified version of one of the most popular Android survival games in the world. It has a reduced size, which makes the game much more optimized for any device with the Android operating system. But there is no less drive and exciting gameplay, so the game will definitely please you. You can download PUBG Mobile Lite for Android directly on our website. Moreover, we offer you to play the latest version in Russian and absolutely free.

Here players are offered to fight each other until only one remains in the game.

Of course, you can play alone, but it is better to team up with friends to increase your chances of survival.

The lite version of the most popular game was created using a special Unreal Engine 4. This allowed us to save gorgeous graphics. You can see that all the objects on the map are very detailed. At the same time, no more than forty people can be on the same battlefield.

Despite the prefix Lite, the passage here has not become less interesting. In fact, this is the same full version of PUBG Mobile, just made it easier. You can go to the island right now, get yourself a weapon and go in search of opponents.

Now, there is no need for various tricks with hacking and altering the ask with reduced graphics, because there is an official way to download and install PUBG Mobile on budget devices.  I believe you will be happy to run PUBG Mobile on your budget phone.

PUBG Mobile Lite lacks a bit of gameplay compared to the stable version.  Players must collect weapons, consumables, medical kits and more in order to kill enemies and be the last person standing in the final seconds of the game.

Vertical Sensitivity

Take the M249 Machine Gun, Level 3 Backpack and Red Collimator from the table.
Load up on ammo.
Now aim at the target at 25, 30 or 35 meters. Try to pinch the burst by keeping the spread within the silhouette. If you have default settings, then nothing will work. The sight will go up.

To keep the sight vertical, you need to edit the “Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier” parameter in the control settings. It is best to immediately drive it to the maximum, and then manipulate the general sensitivity parameter depending on the DPI of your mouse. For myself, I set the sensitivity to 75 units.

Try to shoot at the target again. Now it is much easier to keep the sight on the silhouette of the enemy, but the horizontal spread is still large.

Reduced horizontal spread

There are several ways to reduce horizontal spread.

Aim through the scope. When aiming from the shoulder (holding RMB), the spread is much stronger than through sights (RMB click).

Crouch (C key) or lie down (Z key). From a sitting and prone position, the dispersion is minimal, but you will no longer be able to quickly escape from the fire.
Deviate to the sides with the keys “E” and “Q”. This will reduce the horizontal spread, and the bullets will lay down more accurately. Make it a habit to always lean to the side when shooting. If you watch videos and streams of top players, you will find that they all know about this mechanic and actively use it.

Much better, right? Keep practicing. Unload the machine gun at the targets several times, and soon you will find that you can fire at least half of the magazine exactly at the silhouette from 40-50 meters without any problems.

It has a wide spread and a lot of ammo in the magazine, which will give you time to practice pinching. Here the principle “hard to learn – easy to fight” applies. If you learn how to shoot well with a “lawn mower”, the dispersion of an AKM or SKAR-L will no longer seem so large to you.

Shooting practice at static targets

Now practice with another difficult weapon – AKM. Install a compensator, a red collimator and an enlarged quick access magazine on it. Practice on the targets using the techniques described above.

If you do everything right, you will find that in a squat, firing at a silhouette at 50-60 meters is not so difficult, even if you “clamp”. And if you shoot in short bursts of 2-4 rounds, then you will hit from 100 meters without any problems. True, the red collimator for such distances is no longer effective.

When you learn how to shoot from AKM, move on to simpler weapons – SKAR-L, M416 and QBZ. The body kit is the same: a compensator, a collimator, an enlarged quick access magazine, and in the case of the M416, a tactical stock.

Also added a slot for the handle. There is something missing here. If vertical sensitivity is sufficient for you, you can install an angled handguard to reduce horizontal recoil. My testing has shown that the most balanced option is a smaller grip that increases control and recoil stabilization.

The vertical handguard also performed well, but in my opinion it is more suitable for shooting in short bursts than for “pinching”.

Shooting at moving targets

There are also moving targets on the PUBG Lite training ground. Not tired yet? ? This is what we just started. Stock up on ammo, go to the right side of the site.

Here we have targets without obstacles. Your task is to learn how to shoot them as quickly as possible in short bursts from an average distance. Moving targets are dropped by bullet contact, so you always know if you hit or not. Take 10-15 minutes to practice. Do not be lazy, it will help you a lot in battle.

It is worth training especially actively here, since in a real battle the players will not stand running around in open space. Almost always