Best PC Games Review

If earlier players wanted more action, shootouts and explosions, now they gravitate towards thoughtful story games. Also, they do not think to give up positions of the multiplayer concept in the ranking of games on the PC.

We have collected the TOP PC games that are still in trend. And we will announce those that are expected during the year.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Three reasons why you should pay attention to the game:

Huge game world – there are no “empty places” for the sake of show.
The game “provokes” to study every corner – then useful characters appear there, antique dealers, the hero receives additional “talent points”.
A time-tested game with regular releases of add-ons.

Game development studio CD Project Red has always been famous for its good games. And the Witcher series has literally become the visiting card of the Polish studio. And “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is the kind of game where you savor every second of the passage, since here you can interact with almost every object. Just like in the real world!

The first location “White Garden” is small – it goes quickly, there are not so many quests. But then a huge medieval game world opens up before the player: there are forests and hills, rivers and snow-capped peaks. And all this is flavored with hordes of magical monsters, marauders, dozens of residential and abandoned villages and several large cities.

The main thing during the passage is not to spray on additional tasks. Here, literally around every turn, Giralt (the main character) is waiting for new tasks and opportunities.

It is up to the player to decide if the Witcher (hero) is ready to accept them, or if he is better off doing the “basic” tasks. However, fans of side quests (tasks that do not relate to the main storyline) should take into account that after completing the story, they will not receive additional assignments.

Sometimes decisions in secondary quests will affect the plot and the game world as a whole. For example, if Giralt angers the villagers, they can arrange a “witch hunt” to prevent the hero from getting there again.

Grand Theft Auto V

Three aspects of the value of the game:

A gaming classic that is constantly updated.
Open world – every second there are thousands of actions regardless of the player.
The ability to get several simulators at once in one game: a first-person view in a car will replace a driving simulator, with hand-to-hand combat you can feel like a fighter, and with shooting it will give a realistic shooter.

GTA 5 is Rockstar’s most popular game and has broken every conceivable record in the gaming industry. The story “sucks” so much that you can spend the day without noticing how it ended. The entire game world is open at once – no need to wait until a certain area becomes available. You can sit in the car and explore the entire map at a time.

In the story part, there are 3 main characters: Michael and Trevor are inveterate bandits, the black Franklin has just embarked on the “slippery slope” of the criminal world.
Furious Trevor deals double damage
Michael slows down time when shooting.
While one will rob, the second will stand “on the alert”, guarding the partner, the third will travel around the district looking for law enforcement officers.

There the variability of approaches to one task is maximum. Vehicles and weapons are mastered quickly, after a few minutes the player fully masters them.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The game is catchy, because it is the “brainchild” of Rockstar with the atmosphere of the “Wild West”. As in GTA V, there is a well-developed plot and powerful multiplayer. You can hunt bad guys, rob the rich for the benefit of the poor, and run away from the sheriffs.

Red Dead combines an open world, hundreds of activities, a detailed storyline and hundreds of side missions. That is why the game is in the top 10 best games of the 21st century. To make sure – sit for an hour in RDR 2.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Two features of the game cling to the soul.

This is a slow horror that gamers miss. The survival-horror genre has evolved into a fast-paced shooter, and players love stories with an overpowering atmosphere.
All difficulty modes are immediately available – from easy to maximum.

An updated version of one of the most iconic games will delight fans of the series with realistic graphics, convenient controls and superpowers of the characters. Here, just like in the original, you have to think a lot. Moving around locations and between locations without loading screens: no need to sit and wait for the terrain to load.

The automatic aim remained only on easy difficulty: in other levels, you will have to aim at the head of the monsters yourself. Also, the zombies began to stagger more from side to side. At the same time, even the undead that was already lying on the floor can “wake up” from a shot.  In all other cases, the player can expect unpleasant surprises.