You know, sometimes you want to take a break from all the pathos in games, from the great fight against evil, beating monsters, pumping and everything that accompanies this. I would like a more mundane plot, unhurried gameplay, and, preferably, without the extermination of various living creatures.

But, the trouble is, we are already used to having at least some kind of plot, and the simple surroundings of a rural farm do not really attract us. And if you add a storyline and a bit of northern flavor to the game (I’m talking about Alaska and the like north), then what happens? That’s right, Klondike.

The project, despite the classic gameplay for all farms, captivates. Still, the surroundings here are chosen very correctly, the developers can only be praised for their competent execution. And the presence of some kind of plot, albeit not very original (by RPG standards, for example), is very pleasing. But enough generalities, let’s look at everything in detail.

Training and some plot

The game begins with the fact that the father of the protagonist disappeared somewhere in the north. The hero, at that time, was too small to go in search. But, as time passed, our protagonist grew up – and decided to go looking for the missing expedition of his closest relative. Arriving at the place that was described in one of the letters.

the hero discovers very friendly Indians there, who first of all tell him that there is a legacy left for him in the form of a treasure. And they even explain to him how to get this treasure, and after receiving the treasures, they don’t even try to appropriate them for themselves, after hitting our protagonist on the crown. In general, the Indians here are very decent and kind.

These friendly natives will continue to help you with good advice (and sometimes not only advice). This is how the training is built.

Don’t worry – all the main points of the game will be explained to you, and your mentors will be very unobtrusive, and as soon as you finish the local “young fighter course”, they will practically stop bothering you. Unless, they will sometimes notify about various promotions. Well, in conversations with them in some places the plot is tied. However.

there is no special plot here – we arrive to the north, extract a treasure, after which they tell us that you will not be fed up with gold alone, and we need to develop our own economy in order to be able to spend this very gold in the future. And from here the full-fledged gameplay begins.

Adventures of a farmer in the Far North

Well, here the North is not exactly the most extreme – but, judging by the fur coats of the Indians, it is very cold around. But these colds do not confuse the various living creatures living here. Yes, and all sorts of vegetable crops feel quite comfortable here. But the North is felt here, the very North that was described in Jack London’s books. Yes, of course, I repeat myself – but the entourage is really pleasing.

The gameplay is quite typical for all farms. I will not describe it in detail – firstly, there is a very good training for this, and secondly, it will be corny boring. Most importantly, remember that we have energy here, which is spent on almost all actions.

Keep a close eye on how much of it is left, because the supply of energy is limited, and without it you will not be able to do anything. The set of actions, by the way, is very large – this is cutting down trees, and mining stone, and digging the earth, and a lot of other actions. Just listing them with a description would require a whole guide.

In addition to the extraction of resources and the cultivation of all living creatures, we can still engage in treasure hunting here, or rather, the search for a gold mine.

If you find her, she will give us a lot of very useful bonuses and resources – but it will take a long time to look for her. She is alone, appears daily in a new place, and these places are usually somewhere very far away.

We also have various buildings that will need to be built or restored.   And there are dog sleds for these trips. There are many sleds, with different characteristics and different breeds of dogs. In general, it’s interesting, and we don’t forget about the local flavor.

In conclusion

The game is a must-try for every farm lover. Here is a very good gameplay with a good entourage and a fairly good storyline. And for all other fans of browser games, this project is also worth a look. It is easy to register here, the game is also mastered without any problems. And if there are any difficulties, there are very good guides on the developer’s website.  The everyday life of treasure hunters is very well done here. And this farm has more originality than many other games of this type. So – good luck to you in search of the missing expedition!