The Game of Life 2 Game Review

There are a lot of board games in the world, and they are often ported to phones so that they alone can be taken with you. Recently, one of these virtual board games got a sequel.
The creator of the game under license from Hasbro is Marmalade Game Studio, which previously released Monopoly and other parts of The Game Of Life and other games on iOS under the same license. And they did it with integrity.

At the moment, there are two game worlds in the game, in which, however, the cells remain the same: the Fairy Kingdom and the standard city. Also, the game promises to be replenished with nine more themes. But not for free. You will have to buy each theme or (which is cheaper) you can take a season pass. Expensive, but you can do without it, as the effect is cosmetic.

On the other hand, the graphics in Mirage look very cool. Try to find another colorful board game… and you are unlikely to succeed. Yes, Amide Digital makes good board games, but I can’t say that they make the world come alive by paying more attention to the technical side of their creations.

Marmalade, on the other hand, is trying to attract players not only with the content, but also with the visual aspect. In the same Monopoly, there are already four colorful themes out of 8 announced, and they look original.

In terms of gameplay, we will be offered to go from “adulthood” to old age, moving through the cells of the field, and each fork is an important choice on the path of life. From the very beginning, you will be offered to go to university or start working and get paid while others gnaw at the stone of science on a different path.

Further – more: you can try to live alone or get married / get married; continue your education, invest/buy a house, adopt a dog, have a baby… but it will all end in aging. But even here you are given a choice: to receive a pension or to fulfill a list of cherished desires before, ahem … you know what.

It is worth noting that this is still a positive game, despite my remarks, and almost always only positive events await you on the way, and you must score as many points as possible during the passage.

This can be achieved in two ways: by earning money, receiving salaries, winning competitions, and so on; or get attributes (romance, wealth and intelligence). And thanks to this, you can become poor, but happy, or rich, but without emotional and intellectual baggage behind you.

You can also buy and sell houses, or get a variety of jobs: from a blogger and a cleaner to a dragon trainer and a wizard (in the kingdom, of course)

“The Game Of Life 2” is very exciting and it will be difficult for you to predict the outcome of the game. I participated in a lot of games and won very often even when I didn’t have a lot of money, but I was leading in attributes and magically took the lead.

The game has several modes: a single game, the ability to create a party for one phone for several players and an online game. Also, so that you do not lose interest, achievements are available to you. When you complete them, you will receive puzzle pieces, collecting which you will open additional things; and each world has its own sets, although the goals are the same.

In general, it’s sad to look at the end of the game screen when the winner is determined in The Game Of Life 2, because one way or another they reached the finish line and the coffin. And this is an interesting parallel: after all, someone will throw out numbers 6-10 and go to the end faster, skipping all the most interesting things.

and someone will often throw out 1-5 and will enjoy every moment of the lived “game of life”. But the game itself is creepy as good and beautiful. It is a pity that it has not been translated into Russian, but at the same time it is intuitively understandable thanks to the symbols.

The Game of Life is a very fun and positive board game, reminiscent of Monopoly. Participants will have to go from adulthood to retirement, choosing different routes. Do you want to spend a lot of moves on training and fall far behind the players who immediately went to work after school? Or maybe instead of a career.

you will focus on family relationships? Would you dare to spend money and time on night school? Will you risk buying real estate in order to try to sell it more profitably in the future? All these ramifications of life will affect your financial situation. Players with higher education get more profit, the state pays for children, and the first one to reach the finish line will become the owner of a significant bonus.

In the second part of the Still Life game, the action takes place in the fall of 2008. Victoria MacPherson has been hunting for another serial killer for three years now. Vic has a new partner, and later it will become clear that he is much smarter than Miller.

The plot of the game is twisted at the moment when FBI agent McPherson is watching a report about the “successful” course of her investigation, prepared by the charming journalist Paloma Hernandez. After the report, Paloma calls Vic and tries to negotiate a cooperation. McPherson hangs up in anger and does not answer the phone again. And very in vain … At this very moment, a maniac kidnaps a journalist.

The main action of the game takes place in the house of the killer – the Executioner from the East Coast.