Cooking Fever Game Review

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Game Review:

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Do you like cooking games like “Sara’s Cooking Class”? Then you’ll love Cooking Fever. In this adventure, with free base content and optional microtransactions, you will be in charge of serving the customers of a fast food restaurant (hamburgers, pizzas, tacos, cakes…). The content is suitable for all audiences – everyone from children to adults can play.

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

In Cooking Fever, you have to “survive” the waves of customers who will ask you for all kinds of fast food: hamburgers, soda, hot dogs… As a clerk, you will need to follow the necessary steps to prepare every meal and every order. For example, to make a good hamburger, you have to put the bread in the plate, the meat in the pan, take it out when it’s done (take too long and it’ll get burned and you’ll have to throw it away!) and put it in the bread.

Rhythm and your micromanagement skills will be the key to success in the cooking frenzy, especially as you get past the levels of training and start to be overwhelmed by many customers at once. Take too long and customers will leave angry…and not pay. Be quick and they will be so happy that you get a tip.

So far, Cooking Fever is like your typical cooking game. What is unique about it? Two elements: progression and institution management.

At the end of a cooking fever round or level, you can invest your money in the best kitchen tools. Upgrade your frying pan and the meat will be done sooner. Buy more toppers and you can store more food, helping with your positions. You choose what you want to improve, breaking one of the curses of this type of game: linear progression.

Once you’ve completed a few rounds, the game will allow you to invest in improving the look of your restaurant. This component is more strategic than it sounds: keep your customers entertained with a quality TV and they’ll stay longer. Again, this part of the game helps you feel like you’re in direct control of the cooking fever, not the other way around!

A lot of patience

Cooking Fever is not a 100% free game ladies and gentlemen. The title includes additional microtransactions to help you quickly improve your equipment or speed up your work. You can finish the cooking fever without paying, but many times you will have to repeat the levels in order to get enough money to upgrade your equipment. You need a lot of patience.

Cooking fever has great control, which I was grateful for in my most stressful moments. I don’t hate these games more than when I wasted time because the title doesn’t recognize that I want to send an order to a customer, for example.

On an aesthetic level, cooking fever is pleasant and even cute, without the over-the-top colors that slow things down in older devices. Every interactive element has been designed to be easy to recognize when you’re in the middle of a culinary frenzy, which is what matters most.