Top Wars: Battle Game Review


Top Wars: Battle Games is a mobile RTS project owned by Toward Studio. The essence of the gameplay comes down to a constant confrontation with the enemy, arranging your base, collecting resources.

The user manages a constantly developing camp that can be turned into an entire paramilitary city. Build dwellings, industrial buildings in order to provide your army with everything you need, as well as train new fighters.

The main feature of this strategy in terms of gameplay is the fusion mechanic. That is, you can get from two low-level units one higher class. This opens up additional downtime for tactical maneuvers. So, for example.

you can turn several infantry units into military equipment in advance. In addition to ground transport, as well as soldiers, ships and aircraft will be under your control. If you are facing a critical error or FPS drop, download Top Wars: Battle Games on PC. This will allow you to get rid of performance problems as quickly as possible.


As part of the gameplay of the Top Wars: Battle Games project, battles are waiting for you both with computer opponents and with real players. The story of the single-player campaign begins with the fact that a girl named Eva appears in front of you. This is your guide to base management.

He will help you fight off the first attack, free the engineer, and also rebuild several bases.  You are confronted by the Army of Darkness of a certain Empire, whose expansion you are preventing. The key task of the player involves, if not victory over this force, then at least its weakening. So go ahead, dare on the battlefield.


Top Wars: Battle Games is a real-time strategy game that focuses on building and developing a base, gathering resources, training units. The user does not take part directly in the battle, you only train your units. The main mechanics and key difference between the project and analogues is the principle of merging.

In order to get a higher-level unit, you do not need to conduct a long training session.  This allows you to get access to well-pumped high-level units relatively quickly. The winner in battle is determined by experience, the degree of combat training of the detachments, and their composition. The better you have assembled an army, the more chances you have to push back the enemy.

The construction phase is not much different from any other in a similar RTS. First you choose the type of building in the corresponding menu, then – the place for its construction, the project will take some time to complete. Your base may be attacked, so prepare your defenses in advance. As part of the gameplay, a P2P battle mode is provided, there are even peculiar alliances and a global map for dividing territories. The toy turned out to be intuitive, dynamic and quite simple. There are no special rules, unique mechanics, this is just a quality project for fans of the genre.

Features of the game on PC

Description of the features of the project Top Wars: Battle Games:

Simple 3D graphics with a cartoon style rendering. The picture looks quite modern and pleasing to the eye, no “bulging” pixels, blurry textures, and so on.
Full localization into Russian, user-friendly interface with a minimum of navigation difficulties. All this will allow you to quickly adapt to the gaming realities.
Over 230 types of vehicles and combat units.  The game has futuristic models, which, however, only decorate the surroundings.
Several modes of passage, including a single player campaign, missions, P2P, joint events and so on. You definitely won’t be bored, besides, you can always invite a friend.
This is the only way you can get rid of any performance problems, improve the quality of the picture, make the gameplay smoother.

Installation in the first way

First, download and unzip the emulator files. It is important to study the requirements of the application in advance in order to configure the device accordingly. The procedure itself goes like this:

Open the Play Market emulator. In the main menu of the media, find the virtual machine generation function, select the appropriate OS type for it. When the procedure is over, check if the device is working properly.
Go to the interface directly of the disk itself. Here you will find the search menu, use it to access the application data on Google Play.
Here you need to pass authorization. Use for this only the details of the current account, you will need to confirm it, which will require access to the mail. Then return to the home page.
Use the link to download Top Wars: Battle Games on your computer. Wait a bit, the emulator will complete the installation on its own, and also create a shortcut for quick access to the gameplay.

Installation in the second way

First, carry out a number of preparatory measures: download the archive with the name of the project, extract all the files from it, check the integrity of the installer in the “.ask” format. After that, open the emulator and take the following steps:

Check if the virtual platform is working properly. Try downloading another app, for example. If necessary, recreate the media. Then run the installation of mobile software on the finished platform.
Use the “Explorer” for this, you can access it through the “Overview”.
When you find the installer, select it with the mouse. Wait for it to complete, then check if the installation has started.
As soon as it finishes, find a shortcut for quick access to the project.  Otherwise, a re-installation will be required.
Remember that no mobile application will work without an active virtual platform. But it can only be launched into work through the emulator, so the program must always be open.