Westland Survival Game Review

Do you like the atmosphere of the Wild West? It seems to smell of adventure and danger. And if you combine this with an element of survival, you get Westland Survival – a good clone of Last Day on Earth: Survival with a new setting. We’ve seen quite a few games like this before: Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival expands the gameplay with a fantasy theme.

Jurassic Survival adds dinosaurs to the game, Dawn of Zombies: Survival brings something of the Stalker. However, the theme of the Wild West has not yet been – the more interesting it will be to download Westland Survival on PC and try it out. We have already done this and are ready to share the results with you.

At one time, the developers realized that users like survival simulators of medium hardcore. After that and the release of Last Day on Earth, such “survivalists” fell like a cornucopia. This means that the authors do not just copy the original, but try to somehow expand the genre and add something of their own to it. By itself.

the game mechanics here are unlikely to surprise a lover of the genre. However, the overall atmosphere changes the feeling of the process, making the game not feel secondary. And if you like such mechanics, why not plunge into it again, looking at what is happening from a new angle? This is what allows us to do Westland Survival.

Game process.

Sometimes survivalists make people happy with a good storyline, as it was, for example, in Prey Day: Survival. Westland Survival cannot boast of this – users will have to be content with a mean phrase that our hero was robbed by bandits and abandoned in the middle of the prairie. It must be admitted that such stories were not uncommon in those days – and they could lead to a variety of consequences.

But what could not be then was the walking dead – in Westland Survival on the computer, they are active participants in the gameplay. No game should be complete without zombies – it’s the gold standard of the survival genre. However, here the zombies also do not get out of the general style – on many of them you can see the remains of hats and cowboy shirts.

So, our hero is thrown out in the middle of an empty scorched earth. From now on, he must forget about his past life and start thinking only about how to survive. Even lack of water, food or heat can kill a character, not to mention enemies or wild animals. Therefore, we must quickly come up with some kind of fortress for ourselves in order to wait out the danger and arrange a base for ourselves there.

Fortunately, a dilapidated cottage turns out to be nearby – we have to restore it. At the initial stage, the hero is still not very good at building anything, however, tying a stone to a skill stick is enough. This is enough to cut down a few trees and make walls out of the resulting logs, patching up the gaps. By the way, the fragments of the old walls will also go into action.

Additional features.

The player will soon notice that the starting location is just one of many. It serves to teach the user how to play and build their base. Here we will set up a fire pit to cook food, search the wrecked wagon for rare items, and set up a small garden for growing corn.

However, for further development, you will need to change the location and make a sortie. To get on the general map and choose a destination, it is enough to go beyond the edge of the starting map.

You can choose the destination yourself, however, the hero’s travel time depends on its remoteness. If he goes on foot, it can take hours, but luckily he is very good at running. Running takes away energy points, but at times speeds up the movement of the character. If you have spent all the energy, you will have to wait until it is restored – this can also take hours. You can also buy a full recovery for crystals – and they, in turn, are bought for real money.

In order to get the opportunity to ride, you need to build a stall – there is a place for this at the starting location next to the house. Therefore, you will first have to concentrate on increasing the level of experience of the hero – this will allow you to learn new technologies.

So, step by step, the player will move further through the gameplay, exploring new places and technologies. Even if the next outing ends in failure, it doesn’t matter – the hero will appear near his house, however, having lost everything that he had with him at the time of death. Therefore, it is better to store the most important things at home in a chest.

Installing Westland Survival on a computer.

To run this mobile game, we need an emulator. Most often, gamers choose NOx or Blues tacks for this purpose – you can find installation instructions for both of these programs on our website. Let’s describe the installation on the example of Blues tacks.

Install and run the emulator.
At the first launch, authorization is required – for this you need to have a Google account.
After that, use the search in the upper right part of the program window to go to the page of the desired game – after entering, press Enter and click on the desired name in the window that appears.
It remains only to click on the installation icon and wait a bit.