Talking Tom water battle game review

There are a lot of fans of the talking Cat Tom, the players remember this funny pet well from the application, which repeated everything you say in a funny and funny voice. The very first Talking Tom game came out over ten years ago! Since that time, much has passed and much has changed, and Talking Tom has become a favorite for many. This funny animal tried himself in a wide variety of genres.

At first, we simply looked after these pets as interesting companions and cohabitants, then a race on jet skis was a good entertainment. Now we can with dignity take over the management of an entire military base, where a real deadly weapon is stored and tested – water pistols!

Manage your personal camp wisely so that you always have enough supplies and weapons on hand. A real serious opponent stands against you – Talking Angela! Soak her first or you’ll be completely wet from whiskers to tail!

The game has several interesting features that not only distinguish it from many other strategies, but also allow you to collect an audience of more than 200,000 players daily.

Interesting features of the project

The main goal of the whole game that you have to achieve with talking Tom is to become the best player. And here is what you have to do, on the way to achieving this ambitious goal:

You have to build a real camp. And you will have to do it so quickly that your opponents do not notice it.  Starting from a simple mint, and ending with the base for the production of modern weapons! Your base will become a real fortress for you, which will protect you from attacks by other players.
Since the game is a real and complete strategy game, the right tactics will be your way to victory. Make it your main idea to wet as many opponents as possible while staying dry yourself. In order to realize this difficult task – you will of course have to use devices such as sprinklers, a water moat, puddles hidden under the grass and much more.

The subtleties of the gameplay

The developers have conceived two game modes. One of which will be used to hone your playing skills and work out a new plan of action, while the other will be an exam and a field for speaking and showing yourself. It is easy to guess that in the first case we are talking about a game without an Internet connection – a single-player mode.

In the second case, you will have to play with other players who can become easy prey, or they can amaze you with their skill and ingeniously calculated tactics!

The whole game is built in such a way that you can use a special defense for each attack. For example, if you need to swim across a puddle while staying dry, you can use a diving suit. If you want to avoid splashing from the water tower, it’s better to buy yourself an umbrella in advance. The system is very convenient and allows you to anticipate possible dangers in advance. However, as you know, you can’t lay straws everywhere, you still have to wet your wool.

Even taking into account the system of possible protection against set traps and the weapons used, the game still has a certain balance. The system is built according to an algorithm that maintains forces at an equal level, which gives equal chances to all participants in the battle.

Similar projects

The developer who gave the world talking animals in the form of Cats, Cats and Dogs has created a huge variety of projects with the participation of these characters. This list is great for those who love the characters and are not particularly attached to a particular genre.

Aqua bike Talking Tom (the first and second parts) – feel like a real racer! Only the races will be held not on standard sports equipment on wheels, but on water skis!
Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is a project that is a classic teamkiller puzzle game. You have to break groups of balls connected by colors. Do it within the allotted time so that the number of bubbles does not fill the entire game map.

How to play Talking Tom Water Battle on PC

Downloading the game Talking Tom Water Battle on PC is quite simple, despite the initial creation of the project for mobile devices. All you need to successfully run the application is to install an emulator called Bluestack on your PC.

Download the installation file of the program to your device and run it.
Go to the application menu, then launch the settings. It is important to understand that we are talking about the system settings, and not the settings of the Bluestack program itself.
Find a special account management section, then add your Google profile credentials there.

Thus, you will have access to the full PC version of Talking Tom: Water Battle, which you can play on the big screen. In addition, Bluestack supports familiar control methods – the keyboard and mouse have always been reliable companions, they have repeatedly proved to be the best side as convenient and reliable control devices. That is why you can continue to use them even with android programs.