5 best cowboy games for Android

The Old West was home to some of the most feared and historic cowboys. Many films were inspired from there, which eventually became famous. In turn, there have been many games inspired by the theme, with settings that mimic what it was like and how rough it was. In this sense, there are plenty of cowboy and wild west games available for Android, and now we are going to talk about the best ones.

It is worth noting that all of them are free and at the same time are among the most popular, downloaded and played in their categories.

Remarkably, as always, everything you find in this collection is free. This way you won’t have to shell out to get one or all of them.

However, one or more may have an internal micro-payment system that will allow access to more content in them, as well as more game features in levels, many objects, prizes and rewards, among other things. Similarly, no payments need to be made, worth repeating. Now yes, let’s get down to business.

Western Shooter – Western Shooter

If you want to pose as a cowboy and dive right into the Wild West to show who’s in charge, this game is without a doubt one of the best. And that’s Western Gunfighter. That’s a title where you’re the most dangerous cowboy in the county; you have a revolver with which you intimidate others and you can decide if he is alive or not and choose between a bad or a good plot.

Walk around and discover all corners of the city you are in. Accept missions and complete them for juicy rewards. Hunt animals and get rid of the zombies you meet on the way. Don’t let anyone scare you and show everyone who’s boss. You can also give yourself a well-earned rest and spend the day at the gaming table. You must also find a terrible creature, such as a brave and defiant cowboy, then defeat him and make the city recognize your worth.

On the other hand, you have 8 sets of any kind of Western cowboy-style clothing, over 20 types of firearms, revolvers, shotguns and rifles to choose from, and dozens of different types of main and secondary missions will take you through every corner of the West. There are also enemies with many different abilities and ferocious animals waiting for you to hunt.

Westland Survival: Survive in the Wild West

Moving on to the second best cowboy game in the Wild West, we have Westland Survival: Survive the Wild West. About role-playing game (RPG) in which you have to be a reckless cowboy. Create your character and give him a horse, but not before you tame him, yes. Your duty is to survive all the dangers of the Wild West.

Hunt wild animals, build a stable, become a city sheriff and complete challenging and exciting missions, collect loot from bandits and show them who is in charge here. You must also survive in the ancient death caves and defeat the dark spirits who will seek to defeat you when you encounter them. Also fortify your hideout with rare resources that you must collect and defend your base by looting other players.

Control your cowboy and decide what to do at any time with available controls and controls that are varied and let you do everything. Communicate with the townspeople and much more. In addition, the graphics and soundtrack make the gameplay complete and exciting.

Westland Survival: Cowboy RPG

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

If you’re looking for an unusual pair of jeans, Six-Guns: Gang Showdown may be the best, not the best, because you won’t find the same game story in this one as in others. There are paranormal villains waiting for you here that make the typical landscape of the Old West more frightening and intimidating.

This is a third-person game where you have to shoot everyone to hit the enemies that appear to you, which are not the typical small-time cowboys you see in the Old West. You have to take part in 40 missions, including racing, chasing thieves and fighting hordes of enemies (living and dead).

You have 8 different horses and up to 19 weapons to unlock plus a wide variety of clothing, ammo and other items to help you on your cowboy adventure.

Western Sniper: Wild West

If you’re looking for a more cartoonish and lively cowboy game, Western Sniper: Wild West is the one for you. Learn and be a full-fledged combatant; Don’t let anyone step on you and become the most dangerous cowboy in the wild west.

Western Sniper: Wild West is a pretty fun first person shooter. There are two shooting modes; you can use a pistol or a revolver. Your duty is to kill the bandits. You practically have to play the role of a sniper; there are many points where you can find yourself to go unnoticed and kill the enemies.