Walk Master Game Review

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Walk Master is an original arcade game in which you have to take part in the walking championship on stilts. We can safely say that the most versatile and multifaceted genre is the arcade. Absolutely any theme, concept and idea can be placed within the framework of this gaming trend. In arcade games, you can jump, run, fight, use superpowers, and more. The possibilities of the genre are limited, of course, by the imagination of the development team.

Play Market newcomer Two Man and Dog also decided to start her career as a mobile app developer with a simple arcade game that can surprise even seasoned gamers. The Wolf Master project combines many different gameplay components, but the main idea here is the implementation of walking on virtual stilts. Funny little animals were chosen as the main characters of this action, which became the founders of the high-profile walkers championship.

The described product will amaze you with its kindness and simplicity, which can bribe any user at first sight. You have to go through a lot of tracks and face intricate traps that will always keep you on your toes. If you like the described gameplay, then be sure to read the following methods to download Walk Master on PC.

You should immediately pay attention to the fact that this project is completely free, but integrated advertising allows it to be so. Promotional videos will visit you quite often. Many players even notice that after each completed level, you will need to familiarize yourself with the next novelty of the Play Market site. Fortunately, you can always use the convenient option to disable absolutely all ads built into the game.

The versatility and diversity of arcades leads to the fact that almost every second mobile game developer devotes all his activities to their creation. Because of this, there is quite tough competition in this genre on the Play Market, which prevents new and high-quality products from winning high places in the tops. It is difficult to break into the lead and the Wolf Master.

which, although recently released, is already quite ready to boast of a resounding success. Based on more than one million downloads of the project, we can conclude that the players are interested in the described product. This is evidenced by more than thirty thousand user reviews, each of which contains praise and a number of suggestions for improving the gameplay. The assessment of the project sometimes jumps, but at the moment we can talk about 4.2 points.


If you want to download the Wolf Master game on a PC, then a wonderful fairy-tale world will open up for you, in which animals decided to become professional athletes. The focus here is on stilts, in the skill of walking on which the animals decided to compete. For this, a whole tournament was organized, in which anyone can take part.

Here you will be given the opportunity to try out about three dozen different characters, each of which has not only a unique appearance and animation, but also voice acting. Your attention will be presented to the story campaign, which, of course, will not please you with an entertaining story, but is able to offer several hundred unique levels.

Each stage will be a real puzzle for you and test the skills of a gamer. The game will challenge your reaction speed, dexterity, ability to press buttons in time and so on. A variety of traps will interfere with the passage of the tracks. Among the pits, stones, lakes and geysers, you will also find angry animals who are not happy with the event.

Many players say that they have completed over one thousand stages. Unfortunately, not all stages from this thousand can boast of uniqueness and originality. Most often, you can only encounter a change in the location of objects and obstacles on the track.


The main idea of ​​the project is to pass the routes presented here. Each stage has its own unique set of traps, the passage of which is necessary to reach the coveted finish line. Here it is quite difficult to get used to the unusual mechanics of controlling stilts, but after a dozen or two levels you will become a real professional in this matter.

The first stages contain one or two traps, and the next levels contain five or more. Among the traps you can find various kinds of abysses, ponds, geysers and volcanoes. Very often you will deal with the local fauna, aggressive representatives of which are wild pigs, bees and so on. There was a place here for various unstable structures assembled from boxes and kept on parole. If you fall to the ground or break your stilts, you will have to start the level again. Some stages here are multi-level, which makes them quite long and complex.

An additional incentive for completing levels here are achievements, the receipt of which dilutes the gameplay. Some achievements you will receive simply for passing the stages, and for some you will have to work hard. You will have to perform various tricks, try to pass the stage using only one stilts and so on. Achievements are not only recorded in your profile, but are also an additional source of income that can be spent on buying new characters.

If you want to add variety to your gameplay, then you should pay attention to a wide selection of a wide variety of heroes. There was a place here not only for forest dwellers, but also for the heroes of famous cartoons and fairy tales. For example, here you will see Garfield the cat and a character similar to the hero from Plants VS. Zombies. Among the characters you can also find various robots.

aliens, funny mutants and so on. It’s also funny that for all the characters you can pick up a number of accessories. Here you will find hats, glasses and modified stilts. All of the above does not affect the process of passing levels, but only adds zest to the visual component of the product.